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Raid DNA

Continuing the discussion from It says you get more dna the first time you complete a raid a week. Does that mean I should wait till Wednesday for Mortem or am I misunderstanding?:

This was my first time attempting and beating raid boss mammotherium this wk & only got 25 DNA as well. Bug?

If you click on the “i” near each incubator reward, you can see the minimum DNA you can earn from that incubator. 25 Mammotherium DNA is the minimum you can get from the first Mammotherium raid reward each week. This is not a bug.

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The rewards aren’t really worth the try

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Basically when you complete a Boss, like today for example you will get a minimum of 25 Mammotherium dna along with a load of other dna for an epic, rare and common.

IF you do the same boss again later that day you will get much smaller rewards and no Mammotherium dna.

When you do Mammotherium again the following week you will again get a minimum of 25 Mammotherium dna on the first time you do it that day. Rinse and repeat.

It’s the same for all bosses, but the minimum varies depending on rarity.

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I beg to differ. 25 Mammorthrium dna today and last week put me litterally one week away from having enough to unlock the unique.

And that was just getting the minimum of 25 each time.


Boo, so it’s just luck-of-the-draw as to how much of that DNA you receive. I guess it’s better than nothing, but what a let down.

Ya only 10 dna for taking down mortem rex seems kind pathetic

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Today some people in my alliance got 125, and 199 Mammo dna and I get the crap 25 dna. Two weeks running got the crap 25.

It’s the worst thing to RNG in the game. @E.D please go tell Ludia how bad this is for RNG.

What is the most that anyone has received for Mortem Rex?

200 is max, but the highest I’ve seen is 150