Raid dynamics, your thoughts?

I cleaned 30 rooms (40 minutes), then I gave up because no challenge at all and very boring.
The boss is always the same, mindflayer lvl 16.
Why doesn’t the boss change room after room? Why doesn’t the level increase room after room?

Again, zero creativity!
I would have used all the 6 bosses, one after another one, with increasing lvl, so that the team set up would have been crucial.

After 30 rooms, only 10% completions. It’s a very long way.

But MOST IMPORTANT: why is it called Guild Raid if we do it alone? Where is the benefit for the Guild?

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If I recall correctly from the announcement even though you do it individually it contributes to your overall guild count. Your 30 rooms aren’t 10%…I did 30 rooms and we were only at 4%. But if you do 100 rooms and your guildmate does 10 rooms, you each get the same rewards at the end based on the total number of rooms your guild completes. The only thing needed to qualify for the rewards is that you participated at all.


Oh, ok, that’s really interesting, thank you!

And in a guild like yours with so many active players it really is a great benefit to the less active players who might not be able to spare a lot of time to do a lot of runs but as long as they participate at all they still get really nice rewards.

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Confirm that, already at 20%…not bad, but the event itself is too boring.

I did a quick count and my guild has cleared about 400 rooms and is also at 20%. So I guess we are looking at 2000 rooms divided by up to 50 guild members. I agree it is boring but at least the XP is really nice maybe not a big deal to you if you are using your level 20s but it is a decent incentive for most.


Yes agree, good xp too, yet too ripetitive.

It looks like 50% gets you an Epic pack, about 60% gets a Legendary and then grand prize is a Silverhand which doesn’t interest me. The cool thing is I just logged back on and my guildmates had made progress and even though I hadn’t been involved there was still a prize to collect. So you can all take turns playing and share the rewards which I think is a good concept.

I’m kind of enjoying seeing how different gear and tactics work. So far, I can get about 5 rooms in before something goes wrong.

@gpinsky1313 I’m not interested in Silverhand’s weapon either, unfortunately we’ll be forced to collect it at the end of the Raid…to bad since it will decrease the chance to drop the Legendary card of the same character’s weapon.

Does it cap out at 16?

I’m a newer player in a less active guild (levels 12-14, about a dozen legendaries scattered throughout the whole roster), and I’ve completed 23 rooms in 3 runs. Each run has ramped up in difficulty faster with each subsequent try. First run I got to room 11, but then only room 8 2nd try and only room 7 the 3rd. Each time once the boss gets to level 16 I can no longer tank him and people start dying.

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Dunno, I start the first room and it’s lvl 15, then it caps at lvl 16 (I tried until 30 in a row and it still was lvl 16).

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Would have been cooler to cycle through all of the bosses instead of just one, or at least a couple of them. Event was boring, but better than earlier raids in my mind.

We’re finished in Raiders of Ravenloft, see pics below. My understanding is that even though your guild is finished, you can still enter. So members that haven’t participated yet are still able to get in and hopefully register wins so they get the reward too. That room total of 1975 shows as 109% of required number of rooms, so I’m thinking that’s roughly 1,800 rooms give or take to finish @gpinsky1313 ?

Best of luck to all. Rewards seem quite good.


Rewards are excellent! If you are in the right guild (like I am), you just let your other members do the hard work. I never earned so much gold, gems and gears in such a short timeframe. Life’s great. Thank you Ludia, please relaunch this raid event 2 or 3 more time…


Great attitude.

Please cheer mate, I was trying to be funny and to put forward how great the “Raiders of Ravenloft” guild members are. Have a look at the below screenshot, the top 3 cleared the 200+ rooms with 1 or 2 keys!!! I participated and cleared 10 rooms with my level 10 team. After a few hours, we finished the raid. Luckily some of our guild members could still participate afterward and collect their rewards.
We have slayed so far 2400 mind flayer boss and the number keeps growing…

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Great job RoR!


Midrange guild here; “Frozen North”

75% engagement rate with the Raid, but a lot of players are having trouble racking up a long string of wins.
Any character suggestions, or specific gear load outs to use to maximize efficiency?
Any input would be appreciated.

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Have one dominate proof hero. Put hero in back most row for 3rd boss turn. Boss will always try to dominate a random hero (Taunt doesn’t work) in the back most row. That could be the 2nd row if no one is in the 3rd. Tommus, Jarlaxe, etc. Tom for example was better at keeping my guys alive, but could with counterattack get a few hits in. Also, I was often able to kill boss before round 3, so his extra steps help. Jarlaxe with his range attack doesn’t help buff team AC, but can more often hit boss because of range and has some skills which can kill boss mirrors. You could maybe use other restore type hero’s too

Have a few options to get rid of boss mirrors. Row attacks, certain abilities, etc. I used ranger and warlock and Jarlaxe. Others could work. You need a few since it takes a few turns for ability to refresh.

I used cleric with healing boots and heal all allies ability. Between his heal ability and his healing boots, you can usually keep team alive enough. Rely upon healing boots, use ability heal in emergencies. If you can’t get enough heal out of that, you may have to include a second heal hero like bard.

I pretty much could have done it all with 1 key using this team. Just took breaks to open boxes and sell gear and stuff. My team is half level 19s with some 18s and 17s. So the lower level a team is, the more heal you may need and Tommus with AC buff sword would help

Hope the advice helps.


Thanks @Fizbanius. Some of us…ahem…myself included, got over excited and didn’t realize how quick the guild was finishing the raid. We got real lucky we didn’t accidentally exclude late starting members from getting prizes. So whew:)

Coincidentally, neither Silvermouse nor I knew what the other was doing. We just both happen to get tire of the raid and stopped within 5 rooms of each other, pretty close to the same time. Weird, right:)