Raid event: can I receive the rewards if I have zero keys?


I am unable to earn these prizes. Ia this intended?

If you Havnt earned any keys you can’t go in the dungeon, but I thought the rewards were shared by the guild. One of my guys pushed us over into a gold prize, I was able to claim it even though I didn’t directly win it.

I’ve used four keys and have beaten 2-3 boss battles each time, but my progress is stuck at 1%.

@MagRaith, the progress shown on the Guild Battle tab is not individual, instead it is your combined Guild Progress. I am uncertain how many rooms must be cleared to complete the Raid Event, but your current progress indicates your guild may not be actively pursuing this event.

@PrestonSJ yeah, the problem I am not able to claim the rewards… clicking on them does nothing :frowning:

@Fasdf, I see you currently have no key and I am not sure if you used any. I believe you need to participate to collect Event rewards. Perhaps this is the reason you cannot collect.

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That’s the problem I have zero keys. i lost them changing my guild. I guess i will need to wait for the next one. That’s sad.

You have to do one attempt and then you share in all rewards. If you do not participate at all, you don’t get any rewards