Raid exclusive creatures [a way to fix the event exclusive problem]

me from the future. many of you guys been say that this feature is in the game, and now i can see there more raid exclusive creatures than I thought. so when reading the idea below i ignore that I said a new feature, it just needs to be more used.

so i was on the topic about reworking rexy, and changing rexy to no long be a event exclusive. while there i was i got a idea. what if instead of rexy being a event exclusive, what we try somthing new. what if ludia adds raid exclusive JWA. for those dont know what i mean(but I’m pretty sure you understand what I’m trying say), this new feature allows creatures like rexy to be no long a event exclusive, and can only get dna from raids(unless the special occasion here in and there in events). this would the help community not just rexy dna, but other events exclusives too such as Albertosaurus.this feature is a fun, and rewarding way to get dna. you also don’t just the raid creature dna, but also get some other creature dna to like irritator. it will also help the weekend raid rotation. this feature has used for apex, and Brachiosaurus, but not really used for as much other wise. i don’t know if i want to include legendary, or high hybirds in this because you can get them by fuse, and now almost all weekly events have a least one.this feature can really help players the are trying to rank up, or just try collect more creatures.

theres a few problems though, like you have to a be a certain level in the campaign to do raids and a certain level on your account in order do specific raids. but I believe you guys can give me ideas to fix these problems.

No more raids, he created that there is enough, in any case if new ones are added, others must be removed, because in parts the problem of the map that many people have is due to the number of bosses on it.

i never knew that boss effect the map. this feature would really help player that are struggling to get creatures, and it will help with weekend rotition so players don’t have wait until monday to do raids. yes it would remove creature, but we can remove the creature that often spawn on the map anyways.

Uhh this feature already exists?

Well Blue and Brachio are technically raid exclusive at this point. I can agree with this atleast. About raid rotations alot of people have been telling again and again its time to have a raid tab to have multiple raids of the same rarity in a day and help minimize the map’s loading times. Im just afraid ludia and jam hears only what they want to hear and instead adds a raid for Rexy’s future hybrid when im sure there will be people who’ll want to simply overlevel Rexy regardless if she stays this strong or not

ok i froget it that blue is there too, i will update the post that it needs to be mores used