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Raid features needed

I’ll start out this thread by saying that raids were a fun addition to the game but as many things go there is always room for improvement some of those things that could be added easily that would make the raid system so much better are

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    A promote to leader button
    Some sort of communication in the raid menu and in the raid itself
    Ideas for in raid menu could be the leader puts creature suggestions up
    Or a thumbs up and thumbs down button for each slot to keep the raid strategy the same
    Raid invite things that would be nice is if you could preview what is already in there and how many people are in there
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I would add: Please, lower the animation time for the dead dino. We don’t have to watch them lying on the ground for 1 minute before you move to the next dino. (OK, not a feature, but huge quality of life :rofl: )


There does seem to be a few instances where the game stalls in certain situations

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