Raid festival week 2

Here is this week

This is pretty bad even though we get a unique and legendaries. But why out of the the used creatures you choose diloracheirus. Its pretty useless now.

Im darting sonorsaurus, ankyntrosaurus, might as well the garbage diloracheirus

How would you rate this week

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Not too bad of a week I think
Commons whatever, rares a bit of them all, epics sonora and raja, legendaries… maybe ankyntro? Idk, and I think I can finally unlock dilocheirus
And what is the master strike creature?

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That argentis + bird flock hybrid


Not bad for me. Definitely need that sonorasaurus and t rex gen 2 dna. Wished for another unique than diloracheirus


It’s good, not perfect. But I can finally unlock Diloracherius

Yay, sonorasaurus! 27 skoona time?!


Rare dilo and sonora for me the rest is meh. I have the unique maxed as well as maxima this week. Rare Rex is good for those maxing indotaurus.

Thank you, another hybrid I can unlock for free lol

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Why do you want rate dilo if you have its unique maxed? Do you want to level dilorano or the dandelion?


im going of the t rex on my alt

It’s beautiful

Nice dilo!

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I have no clue what the Epic Incubator strike is. Other than that, I am always happy to look for the good in a week event.

Mono G2, Rex G2, Raja/Sonora, and Paramoloch. Paramoloch is rumored to be having another hybrid in the works, so gotta be prepared.

Honestly, I can see myself attempting to dart Tujiango DNA out of straight habit. After making it your goal to hunt down the DNA of a certain dino for nearly three years, that urge doesn’t just go away xD

Who knows, maybe Tuojiangosaurus might have yet another hybrid (plz don’t), but for now, I just want to feel accomplished, lol.

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what?? where??? how???

Maybe he is confused with the para lux hybrid.

No there was a new paramoloch hybrid that we could vote on along with indotaurus.

Yeah, there was a hybrid that we could vote for alongside Indotarus - this hybrid was Paramoloch and Tsintosarus named Tsintamoloch. So yeah, gonna have to anticipate for that.

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Mono G2 is very useful. So are all the Epics and Paramoloch. I’d say it’s a good week.