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Raid Focused Hybrid Ideas for 2.2+

Thought it would be fun to concept some Raid utility hybrids, since the ones we’ve gotten lately have… missed the mark a little cough Entelolania cough. More raid focused creatures would be a great way to expand the roster, and help diversify raid teams.

(Pig Rig)
Keratoporcus (L20)+Dracorex GEN 2 (L20)

  • Minor Rending Attack (from Draco’s Savagery)
  • Mutual Fury
  • Group Shattering Impact
  • Group Shattering Rampage [New]: 2X. Armor Piercing. Destroy Shields. Remove Taunt. Target all. Delay: 1/Cooldown: 2

~ 100% Resistant to Stun
~ 50% Resistant to DoT
~ 50% Resistant to Swap Prevention

  • 4100 HP
  • 1500 Attack
  • 112 Speed
  • 20% Armor
  • 5% Critical

An alternative to things like Thor; it would be very useful in clearing minions. It also could help the group amp up with MF to deal hefty damage to healing bosses.

(Gorgonopsid Rig)
Inostherium (L10)+Ornithomimus (L10)

  • Cunning Strike
  • Evasive Impact
  • Group Acceleration
  • Revenge Distracting Impact

~ 100% Distraction Resistant
~ 100% Stun Resistant
~ 67% Swap Prevention Resistant

  • 3000 HP
  • 1500 Attack
  • 131 Speed
  • 5% Critical

Basically an entry level replacement for Toura’s speed buff, or filling that role in raids with a level cap. It’d be fragile, but worthwhile in situations like the Pyrritator raid.

(Med Pterosaur Rig)
Dimodactylus (L15)+Nodosaurus (L15)

  • Superior Vulnerability
  • Exploit Wound
  • Group Decelerating Impact
  • Fierce Advantage [New]: 1X. Armor Piercing. Destroy Shields. Cleanse Vulnerability. Remove Taunt. Target enemy with most positive effects. Enemy becomes Vulnerable 1 turn. Cooldown: 1
  • Medium Resilient Counter
  • Swap in Wound

~ 100% Resistant to Vulnerability
~ 75% Resistant to Deceleration
~ 67% Resistant to Swap Prevention

  • 3950 HP
  • 1000 Attack
  • 123 Speed
  • 25% Armor
  • 5% Critical

No one really uses bleeders in raids, and for good reason since the aim is to down the boss as quickly as possible through buffable direct damage. But an armored bleeder with access to vulnerability, a decent fierce move, speed control, and higher than average speed to help set up hits could be a useful teammate.

(Raptor Rig)
Alankylosaurus (L20)+Charlie (L20)

  • Strategic Strike [New]: 1X. Precise. Distract 50% and Slow 50% 1 turn. Target lowest HP.
  • High Pounce
  • Group Evasion [New]: Priority. 75% Chance to dodge 66.7% direct damage for all teammates for 4 attacks or 2 turns. Cooldown: 2
  • Group Taunting Shields Strike
  • Swap in Invincibility

~ 75% Distraction Resistant

  • 3300 HP
  • 1450 Attack
  • 128 Speed
  • 25% Armor
  • 5% Critical

Group Shields exist, so why should a group evasion ability not exist? This guy could help with his own alternative damage mitigation in the form of evasion against things like Mortem where group shields don’t quite cut it for protection and distraction can be cleansed away.

(Hadrosaur Rig)
Iguanodon (L5)+Phorusrhacos (L5)

  • Minimal Group Speedup Strike [New]: 1X. Increase team speed 10% for 2 turns. Target lowest HP
  • Group Superiority
  • Emergency Heal
  • Raking Impact [New]: 1.5X. Remove Evasion and Cloak. Target most positive effects. Cooldown: 1

~ No Resistances

  • 3950 HP
  • 1300 Attack
  • 121 Speed
  • 5% Critical

Currently, the only other entry level rare raid creature is Inostherium, which isn’t exactly great. This one gives a very obtainable healer for players just getting into the raid game that offers some basic utility to a group.

What do you guys think? Would these be good for raids? Any you like? Granted, my numbers aren’t perfect, but I think these could help shake things up a little bit and help lower level players out.


If you want my opinion, I would change group shattering rampage to a two turn cool down so its a bit more balanced.


The thing with the pig is that I would also have it with Group Shattering Impact, because if you are looking to replace Thor, this aint it. Thor has it turn 1, which is when it is needed, more damage, and a better crit chance to boot. It would be fun to see though.

Ornitherium is an interesting case. It is looking good so far, but I would give it 3200 health, that way it can’t spam the Group Acceleration turn 1 and 3 to kill it.

Nododactylus. Its a weird one, but it seems like it could work. The problem is that you will likely go on the second turn, when idealy you want to go 3rd turn so that the Vulnerable gets the extra damage on the heavy hitter, which is usually in the fourth turn. Also, Fierce advantage should add vulnerablility, not give you shield, as we have Shield Advantage. Pretty solid, but maybe a speed tweak could help.

Alanydromeus seems pretty good. I like that there would be a move to add evasion to your entire team. Overall pretty balanced

Iguanorhacos, again pretty solid, I would change it to Raking Rampage though.

This is a very good post though.

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Like this? (first one; Keratrex)

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uh…might have missed something: cough silhouette cough

The silhoutte wasn’t working…



JWA toolbox; creature maker.


I made a few adjustments based on input.

I agree Thor would persist as a go to given its damage and critical chance, but something like Keratrex I came up with so there are a few more options in the group smashing category. More options equal more diverse strategies I’m thinking, especially with MF in play in its kit.

Nododactylus is kinda wildcard huh :laughing: and that would be true with SV, but if you went for Exploit Wound the vulnerability lasts for 2 complete rounds doesn’t it? It could help set up multiple vulnerable hits if I understood it right.

I was actually going to have RC on it, but as I was comparing in the field guide I realized there isn’t a single rare hybrid with a rampage. Probably for balance reasons among rarities.

Appreciate the input!

The vulnerability does last for 2 turns, but only one attack. If your 3rd teammate does a move that does no damage, it’s fine, that was what I worried about. With the pig rig, he would be good for round 2, 3, and 4, just you need something that can take out the minions round 1 as well, so it could be good, but only in certain situations. They are good hybrids though, and I would love to see them in game.