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Hello everyone!
Here you have a strategy (guide) to defeat the Hadros Lux.

Hope you enjoy it, and if so, please like the video and share it with your friends and allies!

Hola a todos, os dejo aquí una guía (estrategia) para derrotar al Hadros Lux.

Espero que os guste, y si es así, dejad vuestro like y compartid el vídeo con vuestros amigos y aliados!


This is awesome dude, my only question is what are the stats and is there anything like crits that need to happen?

If you can’t reply in English, PM me

Specify that the video is in Spanish bro

In spanish: Especifica que esta en español compa :grin: Yeah, sorry, something came up. But I did manage to get a last-minute recording.

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Thanks for the video as always @Qaw

I’m curious, did you need to level Irritator further? I may get the answer once i’ve finished the video, i’m watching Round 2 now… man having Lux counter-attack each hit really drags it out!

EDIT: Ok so based on the first two rounds am I understanding right that your level 19 Irritator still would have been fine?

Quick update @Qaw we beat Lux using the video you posted.

The Irritator we used was the same as the one we use for Mortem. The only difference we had was as our Thors are level 29 they ended up finishing Round 1 a turn early so we had to tweak the method a little, but overall a solid method. :+1:


Great! Yeah, the Irritator requirements are the same, which was a nice touch (or coincidence, I guess).
The first time we did it one of the Thors had maxed attack, and we had to improvise the whole thing lol. But overall, if you have the right strategy, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Hadros is easier-to-beat that Mortem.

Easier yes, but way to long for me.

We are winning it in 12 turns deliberately taking 3 turns rather than 2 per round so to ensure we get all our health back etc.

Tuojango lvl29 unboosted,
Tenonto lvl30 9 health 9 attack boosts
Thor lvl30 2841 attack 5816 health
Ardentis lvl29 Boosted to about 9 health 9 attack but not exactly certain.

So you don’t need super boosted dinos to win it and can still use Ardentis to really good effect.

I think that if the Thor’s are too strong you’ll need to do FS twice

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Yup. Characters

we are using this strategy with excellent results


Me an my wife with out two accounts made it all the way to round 4 and died for the same thing that happened in the video. My 17 Irritator makes it all the way to round 3 where Hadros does a 2X hit that isn’t even listed in its abilities. If a 27 Irritator dies at the same spot as mine in the two times we tried, there is no point to wasting boosts on Irritator.

We have a:
25 Tuoramolach boosted 2,3,0
27 Thoradosaurus boosted 7,7,0
24 Thoradosaurua boosted 7,7,0
17 Irritator no boosts.

If it wasn’t for the unlisted attack in round 3 to my Irritator, we could have easily won. I just can’t get past that point and it’s a long road just to get to that point.

Actually the moves might change each round

What levels and boosts are you guys using for this setup?

The move order for round 3 is Group Taunting Shields, Resilient Rampage and Rampage (targets lowest HP). What did you get?

With the Toura HP nerf, what’s the min hp for toura now? 3 times i played with L25 at 4k hp, my toura died in turn 1 after getting hit by both minions. should I delay speed and heal 1st in t1?

There’s an other strat with tuora in it. Posted by Qaw. In that one Tuora needs to be at least 4187
No other boosts needed :blush: