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Raid heals wrong

Just did a morty raid. I was tuora. I did an emergency heal r1t3 and the heal went to the lowest hp player rather than max who was lower in percentage. It was like this a long time ago but seems to have made its way back since the update. I haven’t done a second raid as yet so haven’t verified this but didn’t seem correct

It does not count % but plain numbers

I know percentage would be more useful but there you go

if max and tuo are strong:

use group heal on t3
big heal t4

then you have group heal r2t2
bigger chance max doesn’t die and all 4 survives

then your prob is fixed too

and if you can’t
view 1st to who heal goes by keep press em heal before using it

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It is based off lowest number that isn’t full health. idk if lowest percentage is the best way to go about it because there are times where you do want to heal that nearly full dino because the tank doesn’t need it/ get hit this turn.

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