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Raid Incubator

I found that many Players from my friend list refuse Raid invitations several time many Players aviod doing raids may be due to the Incubator because it gives only DNA for the first raid in the Day for remaining 10 incubator it gives only few DNA of comman & Rare DNA .

These incubators should have atleast coins, Darts or cash to increase engement of players in Raid useally people Avoid raids after doing it for first time in a Day.

What You guys think about this suggestions pls reply in comment

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It would be grear if you do ut more times you will earn some cash, coins and a little dna enz… ( and maybe a badge of the boss for the first time)

The idea is to help each other out in your Alliance so that everyone can get the DNA even if it means playing the same Raid a couple times.

Yes i understand their concept but this just my suggestion envole players for raid

Well the main issue is that players shouldn’t feel like they have to fight the boss multiple times to get all the rewards.
But at the same time it would be great to have some incentive to help with raids.