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Raid Incubators Buff

Me and my friend have a personal suggestion on how raid incubators could change when it comes to the amount. In my opinion, I think the minion incubators should in general become more worthy. Sometimes you just wonder what’s the point of going through all the work for spare change. My friend also recommended the idea of having two boss incubators but the second one has half the amount as the first one. Just an idea that we’re throwing out depending on what direction Ludia wants to go.


Currently, what has been thought up is this:
1: Add coins into the incubators. That way they are more valuable
2: Have 15 instead of 10, and every 5 there is a boss incubator. This incentivizes doing the raids over and over to get rewards.
3: Better DNA rewards. Currently the best common dna is Mono and Velo, best rare is weurho (purely due to exclusivity) Why not have everything in the incubators be exclusive dna. That way we get more rewards, and again want to get incubators.

Currently, how the raids are set up is a one and done, but if you play again it gives such a small reward its not really worth it for people who raid a lot and help others out.

Also there are emotes in the incubators, but we don’t really look for those.


Really cool ideas, I’d figure for 2 as well to help with my alliance missions as well. I didn’t notice that coins aren’t in the incubators though which sucks since I never have enough. I wonder what other ideas people have and what really will happen.

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Well those ideas where all together, as in all of them will be implemented. Though I would also like to see other peoples ideas. These were from another topic similar to this one.

Ah, got it.

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maybe a slight chaance to earn boss dna in the incubators?

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1,000 coin for every epic incubator,
5,000 for every legendary incubator,
10,000 for every unqiue incubator
20,000 for every apex incubator. That make preogress much faster with more levels cuz ludia clearly isnt going to fix the treasure chase


Here’s how I would want it to be distributed:

1st Raid Incubator
500-5000 coins
Raid Creatures DNA

2nd+ Raid Incubator
3 Raid Creatures Dna


I would think you mean 1/5 the pool right? As currently, if you get 60 mortem dna in the first raid, that would be 180 dna total for that day if you did the 11 mortem raids. So im guessing that instead of that, it would be like the current system, but 1/5 of the current system minimum and maximum rewards given.

I changed it

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