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Raid Info x Arena Info (Bug?)

see my thor not distracted:

see my attack info:

that opponent’s dino has instant distract:

i know in 2.0 we have a number of attacks plus rounds each move lasts…
but what’s the point now, i was about to start next turn, there’s no second attack possible, and info doesn’t show base damage.

maybe this is for counter-attack creatures (2 attacks), like tryko, but the info has to reset after turn ends, anyway.

another thing, this time about raids and arena, using thor for example:

we have 2 identical moves. the only difference is about raids, one targeting 1, other for group. but in arena, we have for the first time 2 identical moves for a creature, with useles info.

is that ok?

can some mod move this to bugs session, so i don’t need to post there again.
@Ned ?