Raid Invitation Names Loading bug

Bug Description: The Names of players on my Raid invitation list shows Loading most of the time instead of their names. And they load forever and also even if the players were online it isn’t showing them sometimes

Area is was found in: Raid-Invitation List

How do you reproduce the bug: It happens almost everytime for me, I dont know why it happens

How often does it happen: Very often, Literally always

What type of device are you using: Android 10.

Here is the reference:-


This happened to me once, everyone on my raid list just said loading. All I had to do was remove a few non active friends and the problem was disposed of, hope this helps

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How do you know who is inactive when every name displays as “Loading…”?

Me but I use alliance names to invite but it is very hard to know players without alliance
@Ned pl. Look at this glitch and find a solution

Yes They have to.

And @Snake_Dude that’s hard to do the same, so it’s better for Ludia to fix it. We could temporarily troubleshoot but imagine how annoying it’ll be to do the same everytime

After the update my whole team list or even friends lists are seen to me just “LOADING”,it’s so damn irritated bcz u don’t no the other side which player is online …and whom u goona invite…

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Agreed this is very annoying.

I would love the option to “Favorite” players that I always battle with so that if its always “Loading”, then at least I know who I’m kind of sending invites to based on a shorter favorites list.

This is a simple coding issue the devs should take care of. Something bad happens while loading names and instead of timing out and retrying the app just gets stuck on LOADING… forever.

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Again again and again !! Same here and I don’t receive any invitations raid and the team players in my teams don’t receive my invitations …

Beautiful update ludia…

this is very annoying you keep inviting blind ppl and then you figured out you got wrong one.

Ig you have seen Sakura’s vid about this bug fix

As Ludia ignores this for ages, let’s fix it ourselves:
Bug-Fixing Method:-
When you’re raid invitation list glitches, showing all the names as Loading. Then you want to exit the lobby and go to any random sanctuary (just a visit) and restart the lobby. This should fix your glitch and you’re ready to go!
@Ned you can advise this to anyone if something happens to reach you out with this glitch, until the developers fix this!
Thank you!

Yeah but you can’t use this when some1 transfered a lobby which is not on your own map.

That’s why, I am doing it even before I receive a lobby, to make sure it won’t glitch, and it works so good! :+1:t2:

Please tell me that they fixed the glitch where you don’t see invites when someone sends them! It’s bad enough to be off line and see an invite and have to restart your game to get it, now you don’t even see invites if you are in your game!

Yes, I heard about this from my mates. Yes they have to fix that too ASAP.