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Raid Invitations Are Frozen! Immediate Assistance Required

Ludia you need to fix this. You literally can not invite anyone and just get a purple swirl loading screen that never loads in. This is ridiculous. This means you can only go in solo since it will not physically show you a list of names to add… It would be nice if Public Lobbies had meaning since unlike Pokemon Go you rarely meet anyone who actually plays in person. Thus, public should not just mean if someone happens to stumble upon it in actual location they can join, but rather there is a public listing and people can choose which to join from that listing or they can join publicly if invited by ANY participant in the current Raid Team since sometimes you are all waiting for a 4th. Expand Ludia, it’s not that hard.

The list comes up fine for me.

How many friends do you now have? I know when I reached 95 friends I started getting a lot of lobby issues, so I dropped back down to 60 friends and I don’t have those issues anymore. Maybe it’s related to that?

Well I have to check after battle, but I just lost a bunch. I’m active so I don’t get it, but they not only kicked me, but all unfriended me. Odd, but I’m in a better place now. Glad it happened.