Raid Invite Bug

I am sure those of us who do raids are aware of this bug, raid invites not received, have to restart.

This is ongoing with no word on a fix, could Ludia please respond

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Hey Paul_Leonard1, may I ask if you have over 50 friends on your in-game Friends list? If so, could you please try reducing the amount below 50 and see if it helps with the Raid invite issue you are having?

@Ned is this a fix for the google play issue?

Where we get an invite but have to log back into google play?

Hey Schtemty, that’s a separate issue that our team is still working on a solution for as well. :sweat:

Hi Ned, I currently only have 16 in-game friends, so this should not be the issue.

I have also tried other suggestions while hoping for invites to come through:
Entering and leaving a sanctuary
Going to friends list and back again
Open a supply drop

None work and I always have to restart, the bug seems to be randomly hitting players, we don’t know if it has anything to do with the individual who is sending the invites or…

Hello Paul_Leonard1. Please consider emailing our team at so they can investigate this further. Thank you!

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It may appear that any pending friend requests that a player has might be blocking raid invites going through. This is something that maybe Ludia can investigate, will send my bank details later for my commission payment :wink: