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Raid invites not working again?

It’s become worse since they did maintenance yesterday @Dankysaurus.

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Yes agree. All iOS users at least in my alliance have this problem now. It is far more common now since after the small maintenance window this week.
Everyone needs to restart app to join a raid and see the invitation.
I have notification turned on and are also iOS user. Never sees an invitation now. Please fix ludia.

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Bug Description: I am unable to receive raid invites while already in game. I have to restart the app every single time to see an invitation.

Area is was found in: raid invites

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- have Jurassic World Alive open.
Step 2 - someone invites me to a raid, repeatedly.
Step 3 - no invite appears.
Step 4 - force quit the app
Step 5 - reload game to see invitation

How often does it happen: every single goddamn time since the last update

What type of device are you using: iPhone 12 pro

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) other alliance members experience the same issue - not all but some. It makes raiding take forever waiting for everyone to reload their game. It is not fun and has made me miss raids. I don’t want to have to force quit my app 20 times a day.

I see my topic was merged. Your iOS engineers need to do better. When raids were introduced the very first time we were unable to receive the raid invites at all. Now the issue has come back though a hard restart has the invite show up. Just think how hard it would be to play this game if you didn’t have a line of communication outside of the game to know you were getting an invite.

I don’t see the issue acknowledged in the recent patch notes.


No comments and no help for that issue. I wrote to your services clients and they tell me to reduce my friends list … I talk with another’s members of my alliance and they don’t have a lot of friends and have the same problem as me …

I hope tomorrow the problem not happen again !!

FYI I contacted support - tried all the things they recommended and now it’s a new week and raid invites still aren’t working…ugh.

@Ned please help however you can. Thanks.


Still broken?


Patience of the player base of this game is truly astounding.

It’s truly unbelievable that we have had no response to this issue other than one mod saying it’s ok for him.

Literally everyone I’ve raided with, and that’s a lot as I help no end of our alliance and others out every week, has to reboot to get the invitation, as do I on both Samsung phones and an iPad.

This has been since the last maintenance from last week so please Ludia - fix it!!!


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This glitch is active and happens with everyone so how about you fix it!

Yo! Ludia do you have any idea how nearly impossible it is to raid with this glitch!

Hey DPG members, I’m sorry to hear that some of you are still having issues receiving/sending Raid invites. Our team was notified and they are looking into this!

If we get any further updates, we’ll be sure to try and let everyone know.

Thank you again for your patience.

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most of our clan have been trying to do raids this morning all Fails its worse than last week we are unable to do Any is there a problem with Ludia or server’s is it everyone ? we have players in uk singapor taiwan sweden usa etc all having same issues create a raid invite,try and join mesg “failed” ev time please help and advise Ludia we lost out on trebak and so many other raids last week and this week looks even worse been trying for 2 hours all clan logging out and back in then re creating raid still same mesg “Failed” ev time thank you Andy

Happening to me too!

Haven’t tried yet , this game continues to frustrate , I don’t know what the equivalent in bad game awards is , but if it was a film I’d give it 2 golden razzies :grapes::grapes:

Same problem again and again … I did not receive any raids today and really hard to have some members in the lobby room… still not work and they not give a feedback about this !

This needs to be constantly brought to the top until it’s fixed

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2.4 “Update”: Still Broken.


That is because Ludia doesn’t care about the players only our money! We are nothing but dollars to them! I would say if there is a boycott of all players spending money until they fix it it will get their attention

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raids still failing log out log in log out log in log out log in 5 times in 30 minutes!!! done 1 raid 4 raids failed clan chat STILL all over the place its really starting to get players backs up now!!! these raids brought clan so much closer with strats and help advice and chats, people leaving the game over these raid issue that’s still happening after an update its not acceptable. Ludia must sort this quick or more player’s will leave and thats where its heading.please please please Lidia sort these issues asap Thanks