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Raid Knockout

Why is it your knocked out but you never revive from it, Our opponents seem to come out of it but I was out for the rest of the raid.

That’s the way It works, If you die you stay that way till the end, It isn’t a bug

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Then they just as well kill you off

If you could revive like the boss how would it be possible to ever lose?

1 creature should have revive.

I’m just saying why not get knocked out for a few rounds then get back up with the same stats you had when your up.

The raids are balanced around if you go down, you don’t get back up. if you were able to get back up raids would be much harder.

And in what raid does someone revive at all during the fight? In all of the MMOs i’ve done raids in, none have done this.

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Why should you be able to revive? That doesn’t even make sense. It will make raids too easy.

I’m just saying being knocked out for for the whole two levels why not just kill us off then?