Raid limitations

I can’t find the info anywhere and I’m new to raids. Is there somewhere I can find limits to raids? Trying to use a 17 indominous Rex but it’s not available when I try to choose it. I can’t figure out the reason for this. I’d just like to know how the game decides which dinos are eligible.

Thanks everyone

each raid has a max lv limit, and in turn a rarity limit.
Epic raids allow up to epics at a cap of lv 15
Legendary raids allow up to legendary dinos to lv 20
Unique raids allow uniques up to 25
And Apex raids are anything.

Only creatures that have stats for those lvs can be used in a raid. so you cant bring an indominous to a wooly mammoth raid.

the lv cap is a soft cap and anything that is above the lv cap will be temporarily reduced to the max. Boots will also be temporarily removed if they go above the boost cap
5/5/5 - epic
10/10/10 - legendary
15/15/15 - unique
20/20/20 - apex

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Awesome. Thank you so much!