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Raid Lobby Improvement Suggestions

  1. It would be nice to be able to chat in the raid lobby so that teams can plan a strategy there instead of somehow getting everyone onto the same discord server. At the very least, let the starting player be able to post to their alliance chat while looking to find players to raid with.

  2. it might also help to have emotes, if chat isn’t reasonable, in the raid lobby.
    basic things like, ‘we need-’ dps, healer, debuffer, etc. basic communication to help players communicate what they need and expect from teammates.

  3. ask for a reason for rejecting invitations. As a player who is only recently back to the game after a long time, I am only now able to do Sino and mamoth raids. I don’t know the details of everyone’s dinos on my friends and alliance list. It would be nice to be able to instantly reply that “this raid is too strong for me”, “i have to leave soon” (and thus can’t contribute), ‘busy atm’, etc.

  4. even in an alliance that is active and does well by the weekly metrics, i don’t ever see 90% of the member base online at all. or my added friends. I would ask that there be an option for the raid starter to let invited raid members who have joined be able to invite a friend or alliance member of their own, to help get raids started quicker. trying to find people online at all is somehow the hardest thing to do when you have an alliance of 50 people, plus friends. And a raid only needs 3 other people?

All really good suggestions. Especially 3. I hate rejecting invites but raids like todays are way out of my league.