Raid Mechanics Guide.. Ludia, it's way overdue

As the title states, this is something Ludia should publish…

You guys have all the math, all the rules and only need disseminate this information.

Rules like… which dino is targeted by Nullifying strike/impact when none have positive effects applied. Which buffs & debuffs are additively calculated and which are multiplicative. Attack targeting: Boss targets vs raid party targeting… time of action vs time of selection, etc., etc…

Once we have that, we should be able to point to instances where these basic rules are not being followed every time, and let me just say that there are numerous times when they are not. Whether possible bugs? Incorrect mechanic applied, etc… we don’t really know without a definitive set of rules to go back on.



100%. This would be so helpful!

They’re pretty self explanatory for the most part.

As far as whom Nullifying Strike/Impact targets, I think if there are no active buffs then it takes armor rating into consideration? Either that or it’s random.

The inconsistency of the Revenge mechanic and whether it applies when just one Minion goes down or both of them needs to be fixed though.

Yep, it’s the for the least part that needs defining. :wink:

Null strike/impact, sans effects, typically hits a healer… but not always. If it’s random, then Ludia should be able to confirm as much.

Yes, we’ve sussed most of this out already but there really is no reason why a mechanics guide can’t be written and with that, that we can’t point to violations of those rules which might indicate buggy code, etc… Without that, we’re left to speculate.

In Ludia’s defense though, it would take a lot of time to really get into the details of how each raid works differently and as we’ve seen many of them aren’t gonna stick around for more than a few months at most, and it’s doubtful they’ve planned out the raids far enough ahead that they could even take the time to write a guide and ship it out or post it by the time the raid gets added in.

Ultimately, it’s probably not really going to be worth it when they could just go in and tweak a few things to make strats much more reliable in as far as accounting for everything that could possibly happen.

I’m talking more about governing rules… kinda like, Newton’s Laws for various aspects of physics. The laws you use to build the raid in the first place; any raid, present or future, doesn’t matter. They all follow a basic ‘rule’ guide else you’re reinventing the wheel every time.

BTW, someone at Ludia has most likely already done this work. It’s documented somewhere unless that person coded in isolation and that’s doubtful considering the scope, so I would imagine that tasking someone with the job of gathering that info and copy/pasting it into a guide, while a lot of work, at least gives an intern something to do. :wink:

Then again, they may have built all of these subprograms and other coding instruments, and tossed the book out the window. In that case I’d hate to be the “new guy”.

“What rules?!? Just do what you want.”

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the have raid boss guides on their discord server

Individual raid stats etc., are not the issue here. This is more about the rules that govern all raid mechanics.