Raid of the Andrew

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Why is Raid of the Andrew so difficult?
Why does he have a huge attack and counter attack?
He constantly strikes and does not give rest! Unique raid harder than apex raid…

What do you think?

I think that ludia should nerf his counter and normal attack


Its imposible, my alliance could not beat it.The requirements are lv25 with lots of boosts and very specific strategy. You gotta kill one minion on turn 1 and the next on turn 2 to deactivate the revenge…

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Yes! Andrew’s raid and the new legendary raids are an order of magnitude more difficult than the previous ones.
Andrew’s raid is very difficult. It requires enhanced level 25 unique characters, as for apex raids.
You can go any way or several:

  1. Andrew’s raid needs to reduce the attack and counter attack. Even after that, it will be quite difficult.
  2. Add rest moves when Andrew (Raid) is not attacking.
  3. Change Andrew’s (Raid) skills and weaken the minions.