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Raid oriented youtube channel + more in the future

Hey guys @Shonbentaro 's topic reminded me I have never actually posted here about my channel.

I am currently at 306 subscribers

My name is Jurricane and I LOVE raiding, it is my favourite part of JWA. I really like making my own weird and unique strats as well as actual carries. I occasionally make videos about upcoming updates and unlocking new creatures. In the future I might make some JWE 2 content as well.

This is a link to my channel:

My lastest video using the new hydra boa in combination with ref to defeat mortem is here: FIRST EVER HydraBoa And Ref Destroy Mortem Rex In 6 Turns With TigerPlayz! (JWA 2.11) - YouTube

Please do let me know if you have any fun ideas for raids we can work on together!


I subbed​:laughing: Let’s grow together :smiley::ok_hand:

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Awesome appreciate it man! Subbed to you as well!

This was pretty fun to do (strat in the start of the vid if anyone is interested)

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This was to celebrate a friend completing maxing his indominus rex :slight_smile:

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Since ProC’s been inactive lately with wierd strats/the hype for raids has died down here’s a suggestion: any apex with either a nitro Thor or nitro Mortem

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Can definitely take a look