Raid required lvl

What lvl do u have to be to attempt boss and other creature raids? How to invite friends to my game there are many problems like this, so can anyone help me, cause im a newbie :slightly_smiling_face:

I dont think you have to be a certain level to participate in raids and you invite people by clicking an empty slot for a teammate

Ook btw how do i invite friends?

U just click on the empty slot, friend and alliance member names will start popping up, then you click the players name, it will become highlighted, and then you hit invite and they are sent an invitation to ur raid


Hey there, Sajish_D, please make sure you have Chapter 5 completed in the Campaign mode as well, to unlock Raids:

Hi ned im on lvl 5, so can I unlock raids?

you need to have it completed and be on 6 so you might not be able to do it, if you are still doing 5.

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Ooo btw what is arena 6? Im on badlands

Campaigns are separate from PVP battles, you should be able to see the Campaign tab at the top of your Battle menu in-game. :smiley:

That i know but is badlands the chapter 6 thing?

Arena 6 is lockdown(pvp) and for the campaign, idk what the requirement thing is. I know that mission six is in the first chapter (cunning) while there is a chapter six(counter - attack) which has 7 levels or fights in sorna marshes. Don’t know about which u unlock raids with tho

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You need to complete 45 battle stage to fight in raid

chapter 6 is where you go to campagin and there are several chapter. you start at chaper 1 and eventually advance by clicking the thing at the top that says chapter 2. do this until 6.

and if your friends haven’t completed Level 45, then even if you invite them, they won’t see your invite.

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