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Raid Results. Lightfinger

Was anyone ever able to see the final Raid results?
The leader board screwed up when we had the reset and started only showing the global trophy counts.

I messaged Ludia. They asked for a screen shot and then never did anything about it.


Nope, no one in my guild could see. It glitched when the season reset. Not a big deal really, but annoying that another thing doesn’t work nonetheless.

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It’s a given who got 1st place :wink:

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Well I can tell you that it wasn’t my guild. Despite some of the best turn out, nobody got even close to 20 rooms done. We, in total got 2 prizes unlocked, I believe. Lowest success rate yet for us, and after I posted here on the first day that it was too hard. We are pretty discouraged. Thanks, Ludia.

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Slimeworms, what is your guilds average level?
I managed to hit 50 rooms on one key, but with very specific equipment.

I was about 2200 trophies during that raid and easily completed 5-6 rooms per run. They took awhile, to be sure, but not too hard. Definitely took a specific strategy.

Not hard at all to hit 4-6 rooms for low to mid level players. Was busy last week personally, but after a couple of test runs, I was crushing 6 rooms in about a 30 minute run per key. There were 2 general strategies that seemed to work for my guild. Everyone was doing fairly well. Even the newer players.

If you are a daily player and can keep up your end of the bargain (50 rally rooms per rally, 60 raid rooms per raid ((we share strategies)) and a maintained 1500 donation count ((not hard because we are active)) and want to join us, search for Lit Up!

@Slimeworms ^^^

We have under 60000 trophies, 10 player on our list has 2500 trophies and level 12 toons. Most of my guild are between lv 7 and 10.

You guys must have had much better luck than us. After being one shotted, I dumped my toons for all ranged party. With that build, I managed 6 rooms once, 3 rooms 3 or 4 times, and nothing 3 times. Missing is a common habit.

I would have played more but I was lodged at a location with limited internet access that week.
Many of my players tried the ranged strategy to various effect. The long battles threw a few players as well. I have complained before about the long length of battles for a portable game.

This was hands down the easiest raid so far. I loved it an so did my guild. When you make the bosses A/C zero you can smash him so hard. He was butter to a hot knife. Above Syndicate completed the raid on the first day. Looking forward to some guild vs guild PvP.


It was a tough raid, and there were two ways of going about it:
“All Ranged”, or “Up Close and Poison-al”

The poison route involved this Toon/gear load out:

Feet - Any
Head - Moonfall’s Shroud (Lvl 7+)
Item - Moonfall Pendant
Weapon - Any
Armor - Any
Trinket - Any

Feet - Warrior’s Boots
Head - Any
Item - Haversack*/Medicine Pouch**
Weapon - Warrior’s Duo
Armor - Any
Trinket - Bracers of Defense*/Fists of Rebuke**
(* and ** items work best paired together)

Feet - Sailor’s Boots
Head - Bard’s Scarf
Item - Lute
Weapon - Boris
Armor - Any
Trinket - Ioun Stone/Idle Dice

Feet - Ranger’s Skirt
Head - Ranger’s Hood
Item - Mammoth Fur Quiver
Weapon - Great Bow
Armor - Any
Trinket - Bracers of Archery/Amulet of True Strikes

The goal with this team is to do the same thing every round. Before Kurgaloth’s first turn summoning the glyphs, Halbenet uses Heal/Regen, Calliope shoves and heals Tommus forward one, Tommus moves up to the front row and uses Taunt if able, and Saarvin moves up one to hopefully give -75% AC.
After the glyphs show up, Halbenet and Calliope move to delete two of them, Saarvin attacks if the AC- happened last round, or moves to remove the last glyph and try and give AC- again, and Tommus just attacks, or uses taunt to gain Counterattack if he doesn’t have the Fists of Rebuke.
Next two rounds while Kurgaloth attacks Tommus, Calliope and Saarvin attack to try and get the poison stacking onto Kurgaloth, and Halbenet heals Tommus.
Repeat every time Kurgaloth summons new glyphs, and the counterattacks and poisons act like you’ve got two extra heroes dealing damage every round.

Thanks for the breakdown, MrMotionPictureLover (love the name btw), but how did you get around the fact that the demon one shot killed toons? I tried Tommus several times, and he was flatly killed in the first hit. In fact, that also happened to the barbarian. I abandoned any fighters after the third try. My party are level 14, and the demon started lv 15. I also noticed that the 2nd room was noticeably harder, despite the demon being the same level. It always took me longer to clear the second room.

The AC bonuses that Tommus gives himself with his weapon, Halbenet gives with his Trinket, and just upgraded equipment gave my Tommus enough HP to take a hit from Kurgaloth and stay at 50% to 33% health.
A round of regen and healing would keep him healthy, and just constantly giving himself AC buffs.

Perhaps it comes with a higher level? Or just more levelled up gear?

I don’t remember how my guild did over all, but I got 1722 rooms done, 2nd in the guild got 1152 rooms done.

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Probably the level of the gear. I would have to wait a few rounds before healing Tommy again. Healing every round would be impossible for me even with 2 healers…

If you max out Halbenet’s epic headgear, Moonfall’s Shroud, you get a cooldown of 1 turn, meaning you can heal every round.
Mix that with his Regeneration and Calliope’s headgear Bard’s Scarf, or a high level Pikel eventually can heal every turn also.

I am nowhere near maxing anything, forget an epic piece of gear. I would assume that most players are like me, travelling through the game with limited rewards making little headway when the game is set so those who already have get more than everyone else. Regardless, my original point that the raid was poorly conceived has been proven if the answer comes down to “equip maxed out gear x …” I am not angry with you, MisterCinephile, and I do appreciate your insights.