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Raid revival

I’m not sure if this is ever been brought up or not but… What everybody’s thoughts on a dinosaur that has a move that can revive a fallen teammate at 1/4 health it could be attached to that person’s actual healing move for the team. With a 4 turn cool off so that it doesn’t get overly abused… I know some of the arguments will be a team of four of those being almost indestructible but I’m sure that can be tweaked somehow. The move could also have a 50% chance of Reviving a fallen teammate during the heal. Let me know what you think because I know of lots of times I’ve been in a raid and just bad luck after a long fight we lost our tank or our damage dealer.


I have brought it up before, and the majority kinda agreed that it would take the challenge out of some raids. It was a decent idea, but it would overall hurt more than help.

Well that’s why I was thinking more of a percent chance for it to do that there was literally dumb luck kind of like critical

Ah ok. That might be better.