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Raid reward screen

So… I do a raid, right? I complete it, and I get my incubator.

But if I do any more raids after the first time, and I win, the screen that pops up to show my reward doesn’t show the incubator. I can’t tap my way out either, so I’m forced to close my game and reopen it. And this happens every time. I thought it was a one time thing since I sometimes tap too fast, but it’s happened three times now.

I’m sorry that this kept happening, @Dinobai18. Our FAQ here might provide some help. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team so they can take a closer look at this. Thank you.

Happen sometimes to me too. Also sometimes reward screen is from previous raid, you did.

Happens to me also. When I restart though the rewards are still given. A few times, after this has happened, the pop up messages when the game loads about the forum and events become un-clickable. If that happens, I have to wait like 10 minutes as repeated attempts do the same thing until 10 minutes or so have passed.

Omg that happened to me yesterday! I couldn’t get in my game for hours.

Hours would suck. Its happened twice to me, but the stall only went for 10 minutes. Sorry you had to wait hours, that’s rough.