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Raid Rewards after the first kill should be upgraded

Currently when you do a Raid the first time you get a great reward.
After that you have 10 minor reward possibilities.
The minor reward for those take downs are the same for a simple 2 turn Epic Raid as they are for a 4 Turn Apex Raid.
That 4 turn Apex raid can take some people 15 to 20 minutes. That is assuming you get it done correctly the first time.
It is asking a lot for random friend people to help out after they have done it the first time, if the reward is 32 rare from a simple pool of rares nobody needs.
Suggestion for rewards based on turns as a multiplier.
For Epic raids each turn 16 Rare 31 commons.
For Legendary raids each Turn 18 rare and 36 commons per turn with a small chance of 10 epic.
For Unique raids each Turn 20 rare and 40 commons per turn with a small chance of 15 epic.
For Apex raids each Turn 25 rare and 50 commons per turn with a small chance of 20 epic and an even smaller chance of 5 legendary.

For example… Hadros Lux raid takes 4 turns… So you help out some random and your reward for that 15 minutes to an hour of potential pain and suffering, would be 100 rare 200 commons and a small chance of a legendary or epic DNA. So possibly 20 Legendary and/or 80 Epic DNA.