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Raid rewards skimpy

Is it just me or do raid rewards, specifically for epic and legendary raids, seem like its a bit skimpy? I feel as if the lower the tier it is, you should get slightly more rewards since they are more common. Another thing is the rewards after you’ve already finished the initial raid are HORRIBLE, I mean, I like to help other people finish their raids but its almost like I get nothing, it’s less than 100 dna. Does anyone else agree?


Actually our I and mammo are very hard to get. Ludia does rewards by rarity, not teir.

Aren’t all dinos of the same rarity in the same tier?

no, teir is based on how good a dino is. In 1.14, indom g2 was tyrant low.

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OH I thought you meant how Epic raids were tier 1, legendary were tier 2, etc. I think that’s what the OP was referring to.