Raid rounds and PVP forfeit/speed change

Couple suggestions I wanted to throw out there…

  • Limit Raids to 2 rounds. These 4 round raids take forever on top of the time that it takes to coordinate getting a team put together. There is no reason a raid should be 4 rounds long. You can make the difficulty level what you’d like it to be without adding on so much needless time to it.

  • Have a forfeit button in PVP. Every other mobile game ive played has this option in PVP so you can exit out in those times where there is literally no point to continue. There are some matches where you are just killing time till its done because you cant exit.

  • Make PVP faster. Give an option to speed things up. Its especially bad if you get someone that drags out their moves to the last second or is AFK. At this point id pay something just to not have to sit through these ridiculously long drawn out pvp matches. OR give me some kind of “Auto” button if you insist it must be slow so at least i dont have to sit there.

  • One way to speed things up in both raids and pvp would be to reduce some of these animations. Some of the dinos moves take several seconds just to do their thing. Again, don’t need this.

Ive been playing since launch (on/off during that time) and I always end up leaving because everything just takes SO LONG. I come back for awhile hoping its better and then not really lol.