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Raid Schedule Suggestion

Hi everyone.

I have been really struggling to raid the Hydro Boa and the Haast Eagle Apex raids. Also I have noticed more and more high level Apex Dinos.

I think Ludia should randomize the raid schedule instead of the current fixed schedule.

This is for many reasons:

  1. It will help people who work weekends to have a shot at getting Apex DNA that is normally only available on weekends.

  2. It will slow the steady stream of players getting scheduled Apex DNA. They may not be available on the random day the dino is out.

  3. It will keep things interesting and not make it so predictable. It’ll give us something to look for and keep an eye out. Promote logging in.

There is more than enough randomness in the game as it is.

I would rather have:
Monday after reset: Gorgotrebax
Tuesday after reset: Hadros Lux and Haast Maximus
Wednesday after reset: Mortem Rex and Refrenantem
Thursday after reset: Ceramagnus and Hydra Boa
Friday after reset until Monday’s reset: All apex raids available.


I would agree with doing that schedule.

However I disagree that we have randomness in the weekly raid schedule. It is fixed and we know exactly what to expect each morning when we wake up. Some simple coordination and you’ve gathered your DNA for the day. So much so that I know exactly the dates I will level up each dino… Because the dates and the DNA amounts are fixed.

I want Ludia to consider revising the raid schedule to allow those who are unavailable on weekends an opportunity to gather Boa and Eagle Apex