Raid skip animation

please give us a option to skip the raid animations this is always a mess to look 1 min what abillity i use and 15 of animations :pray:


There are too many people in a raid to make this possible. If just one person doesn’t want to skip it’s a pointless addition

Maybe Ludia can provide an option for the Raid leader, to turn on/off animation for the battle.
To be frank, raid bosses with counter attack animation takes a lot of time than the normal ones.

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4 people are many? XD not really ! and the most raiders are playing with people in their guild. im sure the most people would be happy to save 90% of their time and skipping ist not a must its a option to choose

I also created such a proposal. I support him. The raids are very ordered according to proven schemes. I don’t see the point of watching the same thing every day.