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Raid Strats

So today I grabbed a couple buddies and beat the therium raid, so I thought I’d share the strats we used here. This thread will be updated as more strats come out.

Therium Prime (Tuesday)

Tryos 20
Bary 15
Baja 20
Indom 20

Tryos has RTC plus fierce rampage
Bary has Group Takedown plus fierce rampage, giving the whole team 100% more damage
Baja was an incredible healer/support
Indom was used for big hits

If you play them right, Tryos and Bary will trade doing big Rampages and buffing, taking down the minion when the others are on Cooldown. Baja will play support, using LGH when the boss goes for non damage move and GEH when absolutely needed. It’ll strike when not needing to heal or protect. Indom actually dies early in the fight, but taking that buffed rampage was one the team needed to take. Bary died really late, but it gave the last buff we needed to get the kill

Nemys happened today, beat it too,

Maxima: 25 ~7k HP. ~1300 ATK
@Thylo_75 ‘s Tryko: ~4.9k HP, ~1800 ATK
Dilorano: 18

While the maxima and tryko were boosted, Dilorano played healer incredibly well, and only died because of Cautious Pounce’s target system. Tryko and Maxima taunted and kept nemys attacks blocked while dilo healed and distracted. It should be known that the minions weren’t much of a bother, especially compared to the Mortem Rex raid. The only problem was Taurus knifing the tryko down low enough on nemys SGS turn that we were startled, but GEH was incredible here. The trick was keeping nemys speed down.

Please note that this thread will be updated as more strats are known

Lol it’s 4.9k Health and 1.8k attack :sweat_smile:

Fixed it mate

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Nemys Prime happened again today

Double Double Toil and Trouble Team

2 TenRex
2 Maximas

This strategy is a bit controversial in the sense that it doesn’t rely on RNG at all. All that needs to happen is the Maximas can’t die until the minions are down in round2 and a TenTex survives to the end for the win. When this was done, one TenRex had fallen because it took a CI, A Counter Attack AND a GSS, so we lost him. Other than that, it worked really well except for the fact that midway through both rounds the Maximas HP can get scary low. This strat worked really well and I’d say it the closest thing I’ve found so far to a 100% raid strat

Note that this thread will get updated over time as I find more strategies that work reliably. If you have any, please feel free to PM and I’ll get them here as well as credit for you