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Raid support creatures

I really like being a support in raids and I was looking for a new creature to use as a support. The two Im most exited about is the new Taintaosaurus and the tsungaia. I think that they both have a broarder selection of support options, do you have any tips? What should I do?

image image

I like the hadrosaur boi, he is very derpy

Tsint has potential, and Dsungia is ok with its GF, GDS, and GEH. Though better raid support is Tuora, Tenontorex, Tryo, Irritator, and Dio. Also welcome to the Forums


I really hope that they are setting up for a hybrid with Tsintaosaurus since it’s not part of the continental specials. That hybrid could be a great wildcard support! I hope for a hybrid with Antarctopelta. It could be able to decelarate, increase attack, make opponents vurnable and heal decently and det up sheilds! Would be awsome. Obviously it’s damage would be bad and its speed would be low!

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Also I have been on these forums since late 2018, I just switched account (: But Thank you!

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