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Raid teams

I already have a Maxima and Gemini that are raid ready what is the next raid Dino I should work on Toura Trystonix I raptor g2 or other

From experience Indoraptor gen2 is weak. I would suggest Toura.

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I would suggest toura or tryo as you listed, they can come in quite handy in any raid they can be involved in

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I would say tourmoloch, tryostornix or thordor

How fast is too fast for Thor cause mine might be getting there

Anything above 123 and your getting to fast for raids. Usually when I see people use there REALLY fast thordors. They mess up the strat. I get so annoyed with people that use them and think there viable in raids.

Mines 133 so most the time I’m too fast which is why I usually stick to Maxima or Gemini

Tuoramoloch is by far the safest investment as of right now.

Tuora is literally the best raider in the game, tryo is also a tyrant but not as good as tuora, indogen2 well… i’ve seen in only like 3 strats so i wouldn’t work on it

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