Raiders of Ravenloft is recruiting

Raiders of Ravenloft is a highly active and fun guild. We are currently recruiting and are seeking active and friendly players with 2000+ trophies :trophy:

We chat a lot in guild and donations get filled. The door is currently open so feel free to click join :slight_smile:


Shush, don’t let the secret out :shushing_face:

But seriously, absolute dynamite crew we’ve got at RoR and some of the best guild atmosphere in the game. If we’re full when you check out our guild, don’t fret. Just PM me and I’ll let you know if a spot will open up soon or not or hold a place for you when the next spot opens.

Happy gaming all!

Raiders of Ravenloft
Speculated to be Greenwave’s Ghost Account :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:


Hit me up if you are still looking for active players!

Hi @EasyC76,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, a spot should be open now for you to apply. I understand that we’ve got some of your old friends here already. Welcome to the guild!

@EasyC76 Welcome to Raiders of Ravenloft!

There is currently a spot open. Come join our crew :slight_smile:

Spot got snapped up. But if you’re still interested in us, just PM me and I can hold the next opening. Always looking for cool people to game with. Stay safe all.