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Raiders of Ravenloft - So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Hi all,

There have been some pretty seismic changes to some of the top guilds and I wanted to offer some explanation from my perspective for those interested. First off, I’ve greatly enjoyed being guild leader of RoR and growing it to the very top of the leaderboard for a quite a long time. I’ve always worked hard trying to make sure RoR was a cool place full of active members. The members were always the best part of the game and what kept me interested and playing much longer than was probably sane.

But alas like most things in life, interests change, other time demands arise, and I’ve been wanting to step back from the leadership role for a while. At the same time, RoR had drifted downward in activity and other guilds rose to prominence. While still the second strongest guild, the trend was negative.

In looking at handing off leadership, I considered and explored numerous scenarios and bided my time, wanting to ensure that the guild stayed in good hands with a strong and capable leader.

A golden opportunity arose with Greenwave, who had started his own guild, to both welcome a strong leader and refresh and strengthen the ranks. Greenwave had been a long-time former member of RoR who was a key contributor in RoR’s original rise.

Negotiations were broached, proposals and counter proposals were proffered, the concept was on life support at times, but finally a deal was struck and a new beginning arose with a flurry of activity. Signifying a true merger resulting in a new guild as opposed to a continuation of the old, a new name was chosen, hence the Arcane Knights.

The merger took off and was wildly more successful than I think either of us had initially expected, with full credit going to Greenwave. Unfortunately as part of that success, the changes to the old guild ranks were deep, perhaps deeper than was comfortable. The changes were based, as best we could, upon level of activity.

I am sorry if anyone was surprised or dismayed by the changes. If any of the former RoR members would like a specific explanation about why they didn’t remain a member of the Arcane Knights, send me a PM and I’ll do my best to explain what the considerations were for you from my perspective.

Regardless, I do wish everyone happy gaming! I’m excited by some of the changes Ludia recently made to the game and hope it continues to support and try to improve it.

Happy Holidays!

Successfully Usurped and Happy About it :grinning: