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Raiders of Ravenloft

Our guild broke the 200k trophies count!! It may seem meaningless for some of you but it took a lot of dedication from all our members to achieve this feat.

I read here and there how great the other guilds are. I am sure these statements are true. This is a game and as long as you are having fun, this is all that matters.

I am happy to be part of the Raiders of Ravenloft. The members are friendly, knowledgeable, very helpful but also competitive. Our leader @CPXZ is present, he contributes a lot to the good atmosphere and he is fair. I have greatly improved my party and my game skills since joining as my level-10 team members now kick ass to level-15 ones. I haven’t reached the 6600+ trophies count of my colleague @Greenmage but I am working on it (and enjoying the trip to the top at the same time).


Awesome guildies like you @Midplane are what makes our guild so amazing. That and all the hard work @CPXZ does :slight_smile:

Gratz to all my guildies. We had a great season!


@Midplane, thanks for the post. It was a great effort by all generally to get to 200k guild trophies. I liked that we got there naturally through normal play as opposed to a concerted effort. It’s great being around so many who enjoy playing the game, including you and @Greenwave and many others.