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Raiders of the LOST WORLD (T9/8 - 2 lvl 20 sancs) is recruiting loyal members (or small alliance for a merge)

Good day to everyone,

RAIDERS of the LOST WORLD is searching for new members (or a small alliance that’s interested in a merge).

We are an international relaxed alliance with members from all over the world where you’ll become part of a family. We aren’t a hardcore alliance, but we ask everyone to contribute to reach the goals out of loyalty to the alliance and respect to the other (hardworking) members.

We are not interested in hoppers, but we are searching for members that are interested in staying in an alliance for a longer time.
We have a fine base with loyal members that are in our alliance for a long time now (since the start of the game).

We offer:
• 2 lvl 20 sanctuaries
• Alliance missions 9/8 (this was 10/9 and we hope to reach this again with you)
• Championships T9/8
• Good DNA Donation
• Common Creature Coinday
• Free cash links
• Discord Raid Channel with our co-op alliances (More strong members to help you with raids)
• Always people online to Raid
• Thanks to the different time zones long Apex Days (from Tomorrowland to Yesterdayland)

We ask you:
• Be able to participate in tournaments
• Do at least 10 takedowns in tournaments
• Obey sanctuary rules
• Interested in doing RAIDS with the alliance
• Join our Discord channel (for raids and chat)

Or join our Brother alliance APEX PREDATOR HEROES and earn a spot in our alliance
Send me a pm or contact me on Discord (preferred): DespicableMe81#7080 (Europe) or VatoDeLeon#6646 (USA).

Thank you for stopping by

I have 4618 do decent in tourneys and can do raids

May I join your alliance