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Raiders ofthelost Ark - New ARK Guild Recruiting

Hello fellow players. We have discovered a great many raiders that are lost and wandering. So the guild has been called and our mission is simple: have fun, be polite, and work together. We currently are taking down all raids easily even able to carry lower players. We do early, same day and late raids so unless you are not active you will have plenty of shots to get your wins. English speaking guild. Looking at T8 tournament rewards to start with a mandatory 10 takedowns every week. There will be 2 maybe 3 lvl 20 sancs soon. If you are interested please send me a message on Discord, required, Ripcords#9003.

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A new update, we will be joining ARK alliance. And to answer the most common question I am receiving, yes we can carry anyone through all Apex raids except Gorgo. IF you have skoola then Gorgo as well.

The guild is filling up fast. I just wanted to let you know you are still welcome to send me message for questions or guild request. Thank you all for taking time to learn about us :slight_smile:

Spots are filling up but we still have room for a few more. Looking for active players that like to have fun. Offering help with all raids. Do require Discord for raid coordination. Will be joining ARK and building 3 lvl 20 Sancs. Please message me here or on discord Ripcords#9003. Thank you.

From personally working and being in an alliance with a handful of these guys as well as friends on discord, I can tell you that this is a good team and are in good hands. Come check them out and enjoy what the team as well as ARK has to offer. :muscle:

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I’m a member of this guild and figured I’d chime in as well. We have a core group of experienced raiders that have the dinos necessary to get almost anyone through all the raids. If you’ve found yourself not being able to get into raids or not knowing what to do once you are in them, we can help. Our core group is very active and anyone that wants to raid will have an opportunity to participate in almost any raid right away. A few of the Apex bosses might require some leveling but we can help guide you with that as well and it won’t require nearly as much as you might think.

TLDR - If you like to raid but haven’t had much success or are looking to get started, check us out. You won’t be dissapointed.

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Still have some spots open. Will be starting early raids here in 30 mins. Come join the team get some good experience and create lasting friendships while having fun with JWA.

Hey I am interested, I am a level 20 player but I am in an alliance that don’t bother with raids, I am desperate to get involved, I compete in the tournament’s every week too. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to discord tho, I think I have the app

That sounds like something I can work with. Do you have discord?

I do, I can see a message from something called ark with a cat profile picture, never used it before so not sure what to do from there

What is your Discord name and number?

kirkio86 #0413

That doesn’t work. Add me Ripcords#9003

Just posting a fun update, have several new members that just got Gorgo and Hadros DNA for the first time this week. Even a few newer ones getting MRex early. Might want to get in on the community/family atmosphere and find a place with a lot of resources and a great group of players. You might even land a win with your first Apex dino :wink:

AlphaRipcords - Discord:Ripcords#9003

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Nice work on getting your Hadros unlocked. Glad we all could help and be apart of that experience :slight_smile:

I can vouch. These are great people and they know their raids!


A lvl 11 daily active hardcore player can also join ur Alliance…

Message Ripcords#9003 on discord or put a request in to join ‘Raiders OfTheLost ARK’, no quotes :slight_smile:

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Ok sounds good thanks

New Raider OfTheLost ARK with 4 new APEX first kills and dna this week :slight_smile: