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Raiders ofthelost Ark - New ARK Guild Recruiting

It is tournament time, make sure to find a good home before the weekend is up. We start our early raiding on Sunday USA Timezone so that will be coming up in 2 days. There are a lot of us unlocking Apex dinos this week. Do not miss out on this opportunity as the guild is filling up fast and having a blast in discord. See ya all there.

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Just got a few Hadros unlocked today. So raiding is up and running and we are almost full. Last few spots open so do not wait to long.

a new guildie with a lvl 20 skoola got his first win and you can too :slight_smile:

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Some raiders just unlocked MRex :slight_smile:

another 10 players just got first MRex kill from our team. Do not miss out only a couple more spots open.

Another great week of raiding, lot of new players with their first Apex DNA even some more experienced players with their first or unlocking Apex dinos. This week should be more excitement to come. Building 3 lvl 20 sancs and a few spots still open before considered full. Do not wait to long for someone else might take up the last spot.

Starting our early raids in about an hour. Do not miss out only 3-4 spots left open before recruitment closes. Do not miss your opportunity.

Raiders OfTheLost ARK a 8/10 allliance is recruting
level and throphies don’t matter as long as you battle
Discord is mandatory for raid corporation
Contact: Ripcords
#9003 to join
10 spaces open

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Only 3 spots left open. Been taking Gorgo down easy today. And about to start early raids vs Hadro. make sure you get your spot in a great guild and start your fun journey. lvl 20 Sanc build starts tomorrow too.

If I join do you have tangcolagreus dna and Does the weekly alliance rewards Usually guarantee one epic?

the weekliy rewards guarantee both the epics

Can I join? Im only level seven and have no idea about battling and haven’t unlocked raids

Message me on discord, Ripcords#9003

I don’t have discord

ok sorry but Discord is required for communication with my guild.

Just an update. The guild is filled up have 1 or 2 spots open. Get your spot before we start our early raiding within 3hrs. Would hate for you to miss out on a great team and friendships that could last while taking down Apex raids. :slight_smile: