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Raiders OfTheLost ARK - Seeking New Members

Sent you a friend request on Discord. Alonican#9792

Opening up for 2 new members. If you are interested please message me on Discord Ripcords#9003.

Still looking for 2 active members. Early raids start on Sunday for us which is in 2 days. Make sure you are ready and in a good guild that feels like home before raiding begins. Easy to get wins with all Raids and can carry almost all raids so if you are slightly lacking we can help get you raid ready.

It is a new season, and this season we are looking at Tenrex for reward. Our guild is super friendly and fun. We are 9/10 weekly reward and pulling T8/9 on Tourneys. We have 3 lvl 20 sancs that have dinos based on player votes.

If you think we might be for you then please drop me a DM on Discord. Ripcords#9003

Still have spots available. Be sure to find a good home before the tourney in 2 days :slight_smile:

Another week almost done. Lots of great raids completed and more members of ours unlocked Apex dinos. IF you are looking to main raid, have a good team of people you can get to know, and work yourself into a top 100 rank guild, this guild is something you might wanna look into. Also do not forget we are part of the ARK co-op so there are a lot of benefits like 3 lvl 20 sancs too. Message me on Discord, Ripcords#9003