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Raiding issues

Having a lot of issues accepting raid invites…Every time is disconnecting me from Google Play…Restarting doesnt do anything…WiFi and data same…Anyone else having same thing??

Hey there, Panos.fara. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team at so our team can investigate further? Please include your support key in the email as well.


I am having issues with iOS inviting me as I’m on android and vice versa ….
It makes me go to google play to choose my account and then the invite is gone

Please consider contacting our team at with your support key, Schtemty. They’ll do their best to investigate. Thanks!

Accepting Raid invites offline results in this…


Same problem…no one raid invite works.Always need google access and then lost invite.

I’ve had issue with raids since day one. Terrible issues of all kinds. Sometimes took an hour or two just to get it to work. We had a regular DPGer quit the game completely due to al the bugs

…not to mention that the friends list is always made up of “LOADING” names.

I had the same issue I reinstalled the game and now I have the 1/30 loading issue. rip…

My god, what a tedious process this has become.

Same over here…

Same exact issue. I hope they actually do something. I’ve stopped writing support because they don’t bother to answer.

@Ned , is the raid invite issue being looked at? It used to be an issue as well a couple of updates ago for Android users and it has reappeared with 2.9.

Hey there, th3g3ntl3m4n. I believe our team is currently looking into an issue with players who were having trouble receiving/sending Raid invites. However, if you are disconnecting from your Google Play store account when accepting a Raid invitation, could you please reach out to our support team so our team can take a closer look at the issue on their end?


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So the invite is sent to me and it goes straight to the google play thing, and fails first time every time. It happens to a fair few players in my alliance too but they aren’t on the forum. I can’t imagine how many players are experiencing this.

Raiding used to be one of the more fun aspects of the game but now it sucks.

I use a Samsung s21+ so it certainly isn’t down to it being an old device.

It only started since the update.

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I’ve had this exact same issue. I hope they can resolve this quickly.

This issue still not been solve yet, no raid been done for today.

Whatever you do don’t try uninstalling the game and reinstalling as I now can’t get back into the game since trying this.

Absolutely terrible since the update that so many players can’t play or are having the problems highlighted here.

Sadly it’s no big surprise to us veterans though.

I really hope this is resolved before the weekend as Ludia shut down for two days.

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I start to feel lucky that my only issue is the raiding invites…lol

There’s also another issue in raid lobby, when clicking ‘CONFIRM’ button in a dino selection screen- you can select a dino, but not the ‘CONFIRM’ button