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Raiding... Nothing

Anybody else feel down about not being able to do a Raid? Like, your Alliance might bring you in a lobby, but then, there’s only three of you, and nobody else comes in. Then the original two players leave the lobby, forcing you to try and fail to bring in other players, eventually making you give up and leave. Or if you are coming in the game and then you’re invited to a Raid, only for it to be full already.

It’s been happening to me for the past four days. I understand that everyone lives in different time zones, but Raids are fun to do for me. I wish there was an option to do it yourself - even if I just get those little incubators. But doing it with others I’d what initially makes it more fun.

I dunno. I haven’t been able to do the M-Rex for weeks, and now that I have two of them roaming inside my range this time, I was excited to do it. But nobody is willing to stay in the lobby long enough, so I’m just a little sad.

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I’d be happy to give it a go with ya

I’m not quite ready for Mortem Raids but I’m happy to help out with the other three whenever I’m online. Feel free to friend request :slight_smile: