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Raids after update 2.9

With the upcoming class nerf wich will effect previous good raid creatures like toura and titan what will be good raid strats. Also can creatures like testa and spinocon become usable for raids

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I think the newer raids are fine Friday-Sunday

I think lux will definitely require a shielder but maxima should be fine

No idea for gorgo, since thor lost its group rampage.

Mortem and magnus are the same aswell.

But yeah going to be nice to see new creatures in raids like spinocon for example with that new bleee attack

Yep. He perhaps in a future update spinocon should get instant group distraction

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Hydra may change since in most strategies it requires to slow down the boss before they do venomous bite

how is tuora going to be affected, the resilient changes dont affect it right, is it because of its lack of resistance to vulnerability?

Wait, group superiority wasnt changed right? So touramoloch should not have any change?

from my understanding tuora can only slow 1 thing down with its group superiority tho? so r u saying tuora can no longer slow down groups or like hadros lux boss can no longer do so. i do think u mean the former right?

Sorry mistook superiority with resilients lol

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for after 2.9 because dior doesnt reversify done this 3 times now

couple of runs you will notice a few wrogn mobves but wins both times

I think Thor is Better with gsi, it’s more usable in a few raids that way instead of 1. I remember when everyone was angry gsi was changed to gsr.

maybe but it doesnt have cleanse so turn 2 may be an issue plus doesnt hit as hard