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Raids and events

hi guys n girls,just want to pass on some thoughts of most players in the clan im in.on the weekends when a lot more players are not in work so have more time to enjoy this great game. since ludia have introduced this new raid battles we want to ask ludia PLEASE can you do a raid for the Sat/Sun to. it has brought the clan soo much closer helping each other chatting talking team strategies help advice etc esp against the mortem ,even many more have joined our facebook group to!!! its just were all wishing we could do a weekend event raid together thanks for reading keep up the great work Ludia cheers Andy Weirdos Utd clan

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forgot to mention can you make the epic events a bit more harder to complete as since boosts introduced there’s notbas much stratergy/skill needed justva big fast thora will do most events thanks Andy

The main argument against this idea is that weekends are for tournaments.
Personally I wouldn’t mind getting to beat Mortem twice per week, but there’s probably people who are too busy for that kind of thing.


Not everyone is a hardcore tourney player that does 100s of matches to get in the top 50 every time. I would like weekend raids as the weekends give me a lot more time for mortem retries & planning then Wednesday even with tournaments.


A day on the weekend for raids would be Fantastic!! (A lot of people work all week and get the weekends off.) I know it’s tourney time and Ludia probably didn’t want raids to interfere with them but surely 15-25 min. out of 3 days wouldn’t interfere that much with them. :thinking:

It doesn’t even have to be different though. Tue, Wed, Thurs do the raids as usual then just repeat them Fri, Sat, and Sun. If you already did them, no need to do them again just do them once a week. The weekends are for tournaments argument is pretty weak imo.

Making towers harder pushes people out that not as strong as you. Leave those alone. The point of them for most people is not for how much strategy is involved, there is usually very little strategy, its about getting the rewards or just being able to battle without doing arena. If someone wants a harder challenge in battles, play arena. If they were ever to make them harder, then they should redo the whole system to make the towers relevant to a players level and lower level players get weaker dinos with higher level players getting higher level dinos.

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I think its fine as it is. Tournament is enough for weekends. As they are unable to do things without bugs, it’s best that we don’t have raids over weekend. Really don’t want losing battles in tournament, cause game glitches due to invites in background.

I’m playing tournaments on weekends and have no intention to do raids. If they find a way, that I can play tournament without issues, cause of invites, then I don’t mind raids on weekend.

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Raid request do not show in the pvp module from what I remember, so they would not show on the tournament screen either. I do not see that as reason raids could not occur on the weekend especially if its just a repeat of tue-thur raids to give people that work an easier chance to raid.

Not appear visually, but appear in background and interrupts the game. I’m getting lots of invites, even during giga scents. On weekends probably would be double as usual.

Repeats wouldn’t be good for Mortem. Many players raids for hours, helping others. Doubt they want repeat over weekend, without any rewards.

I am not following what you are saying. If you are not alerted of a raid while in the PVP area, how does that interrupt the game? I understand if using a scent because of being on the map, you are alerted of a request when in that part of the game as a banner. But when in PVP, from what I remember, there is no banner or alert beyond the alliance button on the bottom right showing a notification. You are only alerted onscreen if you go to the friends tab (it shows in line at the top) or to the map (it shows as a banner at the top). In the PVP area, you would only see a notification over the alliance button correct? Unless something has changed and there is now an alert within the PVP area, this is not justification in my opinion to force people to raid on certain days over having multiple opportunities to do so.

If a player does not want to raid on the weekend, they would not have to. If the constraint for someone to raid Mortem is that they need to raid with specific people, then they would need to raid at the times those people can raid. Its up to the players to decide when that occurs even as it is now. Its just broken into hours of the day instead of multiple days and hours as it would be with multiple repeat days. Because some people would raid more on the first day is not a valid reason in my opinion to say a repeat would not be good. Those players could simply not raid while the repeat would still allow those finding it hard to raid during the current times a chance to raid. There is no condition that on a repeat day someone would be required to raid.

I believe you are saying its problematic to get requests and that is the main concern here. I do not think requests would matter if you were doing a tournament because they are not intrusive in that part of the game. When outside of that area, refuse the invites like it is now on the raid days. To me saying that would be a hassle or something disregards the hassle it is for many people to do the raids on the current days because of work or other reasons. Multiple raid days would make it easier for more people.

A button to suppress raid invites though would be nice.

What I’m saying, anything happening in background can freezes game or cause connection issues, especially on older phones. They still didn’t manage to stabilize the game that these things wouldn’t happen. While my new phone manage better these issues, still can happen with multiple invites at same time.

Agree with that.