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Raids are a big mistake!

its been over a year since they’ve added this feature into this game. it seemed really fun at the start, but very soon it becomes more like a chore than fun. many of us (especially myself) hate missing out on things and we force ourselves to raid. finding a lobby is hard, getting 3 more members is also hard, and sometimes actually winning the raid is hard as well. Not to mention how the apexes you get from raid wrecks the arena! I have probably spent half of my time raiding in this game which is hundreds of hours. I dont expect anything to do with ludia at this point but any new features can turn out a chore for many of us!


I already asked for it a long time ago, we need the solo raids, so as not to depend on other people to gain Apex DNA, since the raids are there I have hardly obtained DNA from any Apex creature, we also need a menu to select the bosses when not appear near the place where one is, there are people who already have Mortem Rex at 30, at any moment the same will happen with Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus, so there will be fewer people to face those 3 bosses, the solo raids they would be a great solution for many people, he almost did not receive Apex invites in the whole week because most of the people already have the strategies made with trusted people, we need the solo raids and because there is also disparity in the PvP arena between those who They have Apex creatures on their team and people who don’t have any yet.


Today I was raiding hydraboa, it took me 3 hours to complete and thats just one boss. I had multiple servers and still it took me so long to get a room passed, get people joining and actually starting the raid because people have limits. So we had someone who can only play rhino with barely enough health, and guess what. The snake critted 4 times in a row on the very hit we don’t want it to crit! Thats 25%^4 (0.4% chance of happening)… and after 3 stressful hours of raiding the snake, I was rewarded a well deserved 15 dna :clap:

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Agree with the solo Apex raids idea. I’m facing the same issue week in, week out. Missed out on Apex DNAs so many times because there were not many friends or Alliance members online (those that are able to bring the required creatures) when I was. Currently Allianceless it is now a bigger issue :sweat_smile:

Now after the 2.9 update we face another major issue on top of the hardship to find another 3 reliable raid members - keep on getting the ‘Failure’ message and prompt us to log in to Google Play account.

The best solution is to allow the long time players with the required creatures to complete the Apex raids solo. For me and I believe many others, we are willing to assist the lower level players to complete any raids (Apex raids in particular).

But let us the long time players to enjoy the benefit of spending so much time and resources on this game to level up our team for Raids purpose (and Arenas and Tournaments).

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If you have all the raid-ready dinos, you may consider switching to a better alliance that requires Discord which is used to coordinate raids.


Raids ready team? I’ll reserved the stats to avoid a long post.

I’ve been in Alliances. And so many Raid servers as well. Used Discord, no issues. Just enough to see that after some time you got left behind.

To make matters worse, with the newly created bug, nobody will have the patience to reinvite again and again and wait for you. No one really cares if you get the ‘Failure’ message time and again.

To many players, time is precious and wait no one.

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Well it won’t be a big mistake if they improve it. Like giving us the boss incubator more than 1 time or at least increasing the amount of DNA we get from raid incubators. And also they can increase the raid lobby spawn rates in our areas.

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Something unrelated to solo raiding, i think we can all agree that raids take way too much time

Especialy since bosses mostly re-use regular creature animations, it gets boring to spend 10min in a single raid after you complete it ones

Does anyone here play JWTG? If so, you know that option in AI battles where you can speed up all the animations?

Well yeah we need this in JWA, there could be like a lil poll option under the surrender button, and if 3 or more players vote for it the animation speed is doubled (or something like that idk how fast it should be)

Or maybe the lobby owner could set it in the lobby


cant agree more, the animations take way too long, who even cares about it anymore when youre raiding for the dna you get at the end. they should either shorted the animation (by a lot) or let us speed up the raid process so we can press the buttons every 10 seconds not every minute

thats really impressive! bet youre always wanted for raids, u got stuff like maxima, tuo, mortem, tenrex etc boosted for raid build as well?

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That’s a great idea. We should be able to set animation speed in the game setting as well to reduce the time for PVPs. The animation time for Scorpios especially sucks.

Lots of games have a 1.5x and 2x speed toggle, would be a great idea for raids @Ned


Not helping matters with animations is the counters that drag out the raid even longer. Special mention to the apex bosses, of which four have counters or counter-esque moves.

Yup… :blush:

My Raid team is either max boosted or at least adequately boosted.

My main motivations playing the game now are just 1. Apex Raids - helping others and myself (willing to do any Raids multiple times, no problem); and 2. Helping Alliance for the weekly missions (though I do not need most of the DNAs… :sweat_smile:).

In return, what I expect is to get Raid invites (I’ll be online most times everyday) and don’t leave me behind… :joy:

But as mentioned above the new bugs introduced makes it harder to get and accept invites… :sneezing_face:


:heart_eyes: add me Steppenwolf #9141 I would really appreciate some help whenever I raid

Friend request sent :blush:

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Exactly. Apex raids, and raids in general you to work with a team. With the many complaints I’ve read in this thread, it would make sense that all of you should create your own alliance together so you can raid as a team.

With few exceptions raids were meant to be a team activity. Alliances were created to promote a team environment. Solo raids especially for Apex shouldn’t exist. If you can solo an apex raid it shouldn’t be in Apex creature