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Raids are fun but underwhelming

While these raids are new and fun they are a bit underwhelming and only pander to people who have Dino’s that are 18 plus legendary or above. Not only that you have a whole day dedicated to a raid boss that only %10 of your player base can actually accomplish. I am curious as to why you would kill your momentum like that and not have a secondary raid boss on the same day that at least %50 if your players could do. Also I think a good addition to this would be to expand and have a few more raid bosses available at lowered levels. Just like how you have your incubator battles set up. This would allow a good percentage of your player base to enjoy this new feature and to keep your momentum going. I would like to see epic/rare raid bosses that give the same kind of rewards as incubators for instance. I believe if you did this it would greatly improve the game. People love to do things together and it brings another element to the game. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for listening.

I bet they have plans to add more bosses soon, and maybe even multiple at the same time. They just added them, so they’re probably testing and fixing right now before they add the feature. That said, the rewards are pretty underwhelming considering how hard they are to get a group together for, let alone win.

I understand that. I really hope they add more soon. It’s a very neat dynamic they added to the game.

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