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Raids are way too hard ( in general)

There’s another topic that disscusses how hard raids are due to extremely limited communication. But thats just a half of it.
Now 5% of the top players probably have figured it all out.
But as someone whos playing game casually now and still running this passive guild where quite a few newer players join here and there (and all quit in weeks), i can say raids are too hard.
Newer players once they get access to raids cant wait to jump in, and they cant cause there’s like 4 raids (with dinos they probably already have) they could take on, but the more exciting stuff, yeah, not happening. Specific team comps AND specific move order, sometimes even specific amount of boosts to get win conditions. This is a mobile game, where you walk, not hardcore mmorpg.
And then i look at pokemon go raids, guess what, noobs can take down legendaries there, just need more people to join in. Yeah its dumb, but it works.

So yeah, rework raids, allow for more people to join, let newbies participate and not get one shot in first turn. I could go in more details how it should be done, but that becomes extensive topic, noones gonna bother to read. Cheers


I disagree with everything you said.
You start with epic raids, and you work your way up from there. You can’t do the hardest epic strike towers at lower levels either.
This is not a game for instant gratification, it’s an advanced game that requires hard work to get to the end game. It’s great that a mobile game actually manages to achieve something that MMORPGs do.
If you want instant “shinies”, sure, stick to Pokemon. But don’t ever compare these 2 games.


I’ve been playing since just after the game launched and have been serving as an officer/co-leader to my alliance, and can say for certainty that only the Gorgotrebex raid is hard, as it should be.

If the new players can’t stick around long enough to get a lvl 20 Trystronix or Skoolasaurus, too bad then. New kids on the block shouldn’t be getting endgame creatures anyway, especially if they aren’t putting in the work to get them.

Lockwood Manor, Gryosphere Depot, and Nublar Shores are filled to the brim with monster endgame creatures like Mortem and Hadros. Do you really think it’d be a good idea for the lower arenas to become just like that, because some lower level players got to get something that would completely destroy other low level player teams, but would make their own teams so unbalanced that the higher level players could and will wipe the floor with them without breaking a sweat?


I think some of the raids are too long. Too hard, though? No. (Aside from Gorgotrebax, of course, but that’s down to RNG, not a lack of skill or good creatures.) Fairly new players can do at least half the raids with minimal investment, and 12/16 with slightly more investment. By the time they’re unlocking uniques through normal gameplay, they have the creatures to handle unique raids.

Apexes should be off limits until the player is at a level where they should be using level 26s in the arena. That said, even a dedicated lower-level player can get through 3/4 of those with a little investment into a tryos, tuora, or even an irritator.


Why cant i ‘ever’ compare it to pokemon go? In essense both game are about walking, collecting creatures and doing some battling. Except pokemon go is more casual, and way more popular?
Its not about instant gratification, cause JWA has none, its about participating and not failing all the time. Getting 10 dna per week of apex… gets you that apex in 30 weeks, whats instant about it.
Majority of players dont play that long. And thats my main point.

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You’re looking at this from the top of the mountain. But this mountain is bare.

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We’ve all been at the bottom of that mountain. It doesn’t matter. You play the game at the level you’re at.
Some things are for later, and the nice thing is that you don’t have to play everything at once.
I don’t need to play SS Arcadia or a team full of rares. Been there, done that, I’m in a different stage of the game now. There’s something to do for everyone at every level. Apex raids are for people at high levels. So what.

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It’s like comparing Star Trek to Star Wars. Both in space, but toooootally different.

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It’s a lot more satisfying to work towards getting an apex, or beating a raid in general. My own alliance is very casual. Some raid, many dont. I found a group that was willing to work for it. My creatures weren’t ready for the apex immediately after it came out. I worked my butt off. Continuously ran giga scents when I could to get the dna I needed to level up those creatures. I went from a lv 21 tuoramoloch to a lv 26 in a month and a half. And I still need to level it more for the trebax raid to cut out some rng. You can find a group either on the forums, or through the game’s social media platforms. These raids arent for instant gratification. They are a progression system and only hard work and dedication will make that happen.


You can’t compare PoGo and JWA numbers. First Pokemon games were popular way before. Second PoGo is casual game, where only grind is shiny hunt. PvP in nonexistent. Also 60% of PoGo players are either spoofers or multiaccounters.

JWA on other hand is grinding game. Raids should be tough. There are many complaints about to powerful creatures in lower arenas and we are talking about epics, legendaries, few uniques. Imagine lvl 26 apex creature in arena of average lvl 15 team. That would be disaster for lower arenas. Requirements for arenas slowly rises with time, but that never happens over night.

Gorgo is too much about RNG, but other raids are fine, evethough some are too long.


I more or less agree with the overall sentiment. Apex raids should be doable by those that are quite advanced in the game. Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus raids are way too easy though. One thing that needs to be improved are the dialogues in raid. Even something as simple as a move number for each participant, so you can let people know what to do would be an improvement over time to heal (heal, what heal???) or so close…


You aren’t supposed to do apex raids to start, and heck there are some you CAN do, but you need the team to do it. But aside from that, you have to coordinate and work your way up from epics to legendary to unique to apex. They are all fine (Except gorgo, but that is a pile of RNG garbage)

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Its kinda showing how almost half of replies are talking about gorgo raid and apex in general.
I posted this cause couple days ago i was struggling to explain some newb what teamcomp pyro raid needs.
Why do raids have to be so hard? Why have those dinos walk around teasing content thats like a year+ away. And my experience shows many quit without trying it.


Dinotris, there is pvp in pokemon go, and all pokemon can take part in it, including legendaries. But they have separated pvp leagues by pokemon power, so its balanced around that. It can be done.
And you can compare these games. Theres a lot of similarities between them, theres even grind in pogo. Popularity wise, dont tell me dinosaurs are niche. This game doesnt have to be so elitist, there must be a way to satisfy more players, casual and hard working - other games have done it.

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Level 20 tryo, skoola, and indog2 mean every single apex raid can be done with the right teammates. You want to seriously go lower than that?

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these raids are nothing like PoGo raids. and they shouldn’t be compared to that. PoGo raids are more casual and just tap a button until the big attack is ready. repeat until you have to heal your team or replace the team.

JWA raids are more like an MMORGP style. Where they require communication and strategy to complete. This is something that a lot of casual people won’t have the time for or bother with, but it isn’t a bad thing. it provides a challenge for those who want to do them and provides supplemental dna as you progress.


Thats bad excuse for pvp, full of cheating in PoGo. Players play pvp in PoGo on multiple devices to load charge attack faster. Played it at start, but have no interest anymore. Barely play PoGo at all. There is no challenge in game anymore.

No interest in shiny hunt, as you need to play 24/7 or spoof to get shinies outside of community days.

Excitement and expectations for PoGo was big. Thousands played it before official release. In our city park was full of PoGo players. Still know only two JWA players in my city. Heard about JWA from friend. PoGo on top of pokemon fans probably had better advertising.

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Raids are not hard and definitely don’t take a year or more to unlock. Morty was the first Apex in raids and hasn’t even been out for a year yet. But some how a lot of people unlocked it and leveled it up several times.


Jwa is very different from Pokémon go. The only thing you can compare is that you collect things for pvp. Even the backgrounds are different. In the movies, dpg is to save dinos while Pokémon is to collect them and force them to fight. It just so happens there’s pvp in this game. I haven’t played Pokémon go but I’ve seen it be played, and you just swipe up a ball to catch something and it’s completely random whether they stay in or not, while in jwa, it takes more skill and is harder

. Jwa also requires more strategy in games, don’t take that away by making raids easier.
The one bad thing about this game is it’s bugs and arena imbalance, but new players getting apexes would kill jwa for good


Here’s the thing: The current Raid system is designed for players to progress through. Just like Pokemon GO has the 1, 3 and 5 star Raids for different player levels, JWA has that with the Epic, Legendary, Unique and Apex Raids. Sure, on PoGO you can just join as a low-level player in a large group of people and get carried to get that sweet powerful Pokemon, but in JWA this is different, as you actually need to work for something in order to get it. The Epic raids are designed for people that are a good way in the start of their JWA career, the Legendaries for those who have unlocked a couple of Legendaries, Uniques are designed for those who have managed to get a solid end-game unique team going and Apexes are for those in the endgame of JWA. You shouldn’t expect to just get the DNA of some of the most powerful creatures in the game as a low level player. You shouldn’t be able to be carried by a couple of people so that you don’t have to put in effort to get that powerful DNA. The current Raid system rewards progress and time spent on the game, and it shouldn’t be downgraded to a system where anyone can just casually bring a low level creature and get easy DNA for any Raid. The four player system JWA has for its Raids is so much better than the Raid system PoGO has, as it actually feels rewarding to beat the Raid Boss after failing a lot due to your creatures not being good enough.

TL;DR: If you’re not willing to put in effort to get the Raid DNA you desire, then you shouldn’t complain about not being able to get it. The players that succeed have spent the time they needed to have a shot at the Apex Raids, and as such should earn those rewards. You just want an easy way to get the DNA you want, because you aren’t willing to put in the effort other players have.