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Raids are way too hard (without 3rd party communication)

Sure, if you have a coordinated team on discord you can do anything. But shouldn’t we be able to bosses in-game, without 3rd party apps to support? Even the lower end bosses like Pyrritator or Indominous are ridiculously hard if you’re only tools are your Friend’s list and the raid “comminications” menu.

Either add a raid chat or make the bosses a lot easier, please.


I somewhat agree. I don’t think a raid chat can be at a level that discord currently offers with sharing tactics and images and stuff. Raid chat would help a bit but when you’re discussing move sets you don’t have enough time or space to discuss all that in a small screen. You basically just wanna invite and start the raid. Especially with random invites people won’t have the patience to wait for all the discussion and just leave, and then you have to start all over with another person. I don’t think it will be as pleasant as you think.

If people use discord to communicate why not should there be a raid chat in lobby so that we can chat with friends we don’t even know of.

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Because most of the time there aren’t enough people on my discord available to raid and most of the people available and online on my friends list aren’t on my discord. And there’s no way to get the people on my friends list to discord because the game doesnt allow me to communicate with them in any way.

So basically in order to raid successfully you need to be part of a highly organised discord community. I might have missed it, but I don’t recall seeing that in Ludia’s raid feature announcement.

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Group chat works well in many other games. But there are other ways of improving assembling your raid team, like letting us specify what creature you want in a slot.


I would appreciate a “looking for: dinosaur” function in raids, if not a full on chat. It would make random raids much smoother than just blindly hoping everyone knows what they’re doing.


At least you could say the other dinos needed for the raid

That is interesting.

Skills needed:

Min hp
Min Attack…

At least it would help filtering random people joining to raids.

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I think a rudimentary simplistic text chat would work.
If anything just so you can coordinate with people to get on the same discord channel.
Discord is just so robust that nothing Ludia does can compete with it, but being able to navigate to the same discord would be game changing with randos.

Just requesting a type or role won’t be enough because many JWA raids aren’t winnable unless you have a very specific set of creatures with specific stats.

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It would be nice to have a chat window in the RAID room.


When is Ludia going to add a chat room for raids?!
It’s extremely irritating not being able to communicate with your team pre-battle lobby. How else are you supposed to strategize? With emotes?! Unless your a long time Veteran who knows all the Dinos inside and out it’s hard to communicate with a newbie on what Dino to pick unless you close the Raid lobby and message in the alliance board.
Is anyone else with me on this?
I want to enjoy the Raid bosses that Ludia put so much work into, just add a chat room.
Thank you for reading my rant.


Strategies are too complex to discuss in a little chat window like that. By the time you’ve discussed it, people get bored and leave.
With third party tools you have way more options for strategies and finding a team, and the more I think about it the more I really hope they will NOT add a chat to raids. It just adds to the bloat and bug list.


You dont need to detail the entire strategy. Just being able to type “lucy your thor is too fast do you have tryo” would be a game changer.

Of course even better would be the ability for the raid leader to specify what he wants for each slot but I don’t see that happen anytime soon.


You’d still need to know strategies and move sets beforehand. So, discord. Might as well use it for everything.

A lot of strats are now memorized so it’s just finding the right variety of creatures. A very minimal chat on the raid screen that will allow people to at least figure out what creatures they are using could help a ton. Instead of trying to play dino charades to figure out what dino everyone is going to be :joy:.

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Musical chairs in the raid lobby, my favorite game :roll_eyes:

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Something really simple, suggesting dinos or so, that would help with random invites indeed. A fully implemented chat function is just a reason for more bugs and bloat, in my opinion :slight_smile:

Raids are becoming way to easy. The only exception might be Trebax as it requires some luck.
But all the others? Push the same buttons once a week. Already now it became very redundant and sometimes boring, especially when you need to stay awake for 4 rounds.

Therefore I also think the Apex creatures should not be too strong. I mean, they are super easy to get. An Mrex requires you 5, max 10 minutes, per week. Even easy to get creatures do require more time to level up…

Many raids get lost due to people choosing the wrong kind of dinosaurs. So here’s my angry suggestion… or demand if you will:

You should for example be able to click at a player and say we need you to use a creature with distraction/nullifying/cunning/slowing/shattering moves or that we need shields. Grrrr :rage: :t_rex:

At last I’d like to finish with a frustrated T-rex roar: