Raids blocking everything

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Bug Description: hadros and other raid bosses block creatures, supply drops, and towers. They don’t have to be on the screen or near it but their target area prevents you from doing anything except see their raid incubator lobby set up. This is not new. This should be known.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- try to tap a tower creature or supply drop near a raid boss
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: all day

What type of device are you using: iPhone, irrelevant

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Yes I noticed this starting yesterday. The boss can be quite a ways away but still somehow blocks tye drops.

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When that mega whatever gorgosuchus evolves to was on the map, it didn’t even need to be in sight like way out of range and it would always relocate to the raid boss instead of the tower or whatever you’re trying to tap on. Super annoying. Why is everything on top of everything instead of spaced accordingly. I also hate when creatures are stuck in a sanctuary from a scent and you can’t tap on them.


Yeah they are supposed to have a hitbox that follows them as they roam in their little circle on the map, but some of these raid bosses have an invisible hitbox that spawned at the boss’s point of origin on the map, along with a hitbox that follows them. It’s nothing new… Just one of the many bugs Ludia has ignored over time.

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Yup long overdue. I’m not sure why this is so complicated to correct. Wouldn’t you think all raid bosses have a copy paste code with the creature being the variable.

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This bug where the grey circle doesn’t follow Hadros is new. I have no idea how something like this happens when they didn’t even touch this boss or raid.

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Guess who can’t hit that grey gold tower? Thanks post.

It is seriously about time now that raid bosses/lobbies get moved to another part of the battle tab. The map is seriously just too overcrowded at this point. Even bosses with “proper intended” hitboxes like Baja become annoying when they spawn near a drop/daily dino


Agreed. Why can’t they just be a tab and if you want to fight it then you can. No need to ask everyone for lobbies and play musical lobbies etc.


A long press action could solve this: long press, open a dropdown to select which of the “stacked” objects you want to interact with.

PoGo’s had the same problem for years as well. I’m surprised no one’s implemented a solution yet.

I haven’t done any app dev yet, but from working with Unity, it seems like something like this might be doable: draw line/ray between tap location and ground. Anything interactable it intersects populates the dropdown.
We already have a partial form of this in the drone darts.

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The design error is still there.


Bug number 1: ludia gives me ONE chest in range this week.
Bug number 2: 6hrs into the 2nd half ofvthe chase the raid reset happens and now i cant access it because it takes me to a raid creature. I cant get out today, so this will cost me up to 14k in coins.

@Ned thanks to Post I am unable to finish my treasure boxes.


Is post’s hit box ever going to be corrected? This has been since it was introduced.

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How is this STILL an issue???

Probably wont be able to max the 2nd lot of coins thanks to the fact that one of my two overnight chest is unselectable (despite being able to dart the dino directly on top of it and the sanctuary directly behind it).


Yet another player reporting in that this is STILL an issue. As far as the game is concerned, those Rodrigues don’t exist because there’s a carnotaurus raid 100ft away.
It’s beyond embarrassing that Ludia have failed to address an issue that has been this relevant for as long as it has. If you can’t fix it, which at this point it seems you can’t, rework how bosses function on the map. I don’t care if they stand still in one place with zero animation, it would still be better than what we have now.


Hey ludia! Make sure you make it as hard as possible to do incubator missions by placing THESE STUPID DINOSAUR RAID MISSIONS RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM. Makes it super easy to click on and activate the mission. Great job! Cant wait for tomorrows new frustrations! Great game!


It would take a good programmer, who understands the code, only minutes to readjust the user selection bounding box for the raid boss to be smaller. It’s absolutely stunning that this is still an issue.

@Ned @Daven @Ludia_Developers

If they’re looking for a quick-to-solve bug fix to list in their upcoming release notes, this is definitely some low hanging fruit


Its time to move them to a raid tab now

  1. Too many new raids without replacing some needed raids on certain days for a 1 rarity per day
  2. Map is already a mess
  3. Autofill is useless when lobby rng is trash. No need to go for a drive for a specific lobby when raids are by ludia’s words “a home based activity”

Also kicks you outside the map circle, which then won’t allow you to get the lobby even though it’s well within your circle. Posti is a horrific map creature. I would be happy if the repaid was removed entirely of Ludia cannot or will not fix the bug. Sometimes the sloths kick you outside the map as well, and almost all the bosses block creatures and you cannot dart them.

Your point about autofill is 100% correct. Some of us don’t have our own vehicles, either, and often raid bosses are difficult to find on the map as the algorithms are completely off. I will have a cluster of all the same bosses in one spot, and zero for long distances of the others. With the friends list and lobbies and the map being such a mess, walking half a mile or more to get a lobby to raid with could be a trip that ends up going nowhere as lobbies fail more often than not, now, and friends lists are so ridiculously broken good luck inviting people. Thank Goodness for discord. But even then, asking for passes lobbies isn’t always possible as a lot of people sometimes won’t have the very lobby you need, and when lobbies fail you have to continually harass people to pass another one.

We need raid tabs.

I’m a hard-core raid fan, but lately I’ve lost enjoyment of raiding because of all the lag, the map issues with bosses, the refusal by Ludia to address the friends list issues as well as their refusal to allow other ways to invite specific individuals outside of the very limited 100 friends limit, not to mention all the bugs that come with raiding. It’s not uncommon to waste a half hour to 45 minutes just to get one raid done anymore. The newest raid - imperato - is not fun, either. I’m sorry it’s not. It’s boring and too slow, so when bugs happen, it creates a very unpleasant experience.


Map barely runs as is. I’m also terrified if Ludia implements the new darts and drones. What will that do to the map?! The lag time is already horrific, you cannot walk and dart anymore without the map nearly crashing, and good luck spinning boxes or darting as a passenger in a moving vehicle - the boxes freeze and the creature won’t select, and the map lags. This in addition to the raid bosses taking up the map without any need to if we had battle tabs, this game is a mess.